Episode 7: Me, Myself, and I


Episode #7

After going to the gym and sitting in the sauna, I stopped by Planet Smoothie to get a Mediterranean Monster. For some reason, it was the best smoothie I’d drank in a while.

I made it home and decided to just take a nap. I wanted to make sure I was relaxed, and energized for my little outing with Terry. Who knew what else he might have planned for the evening? He was good at pleasantly surprising me.

The phone rang and woke me up. Of course it was Narika.

“Hello Narika,” I said, not even trying to hide the sleep in my voice.

“Hey girl, did I wake you up?” she asked.

“Yes, you did, again,” I said sarcastically.

“Oh well you up now. So what’s up with you and Terry?” asked Narika “B told me you went out with him last night.”

“B? What? How did B know that?” I asked.

B (Bryan) was a high school classmate of Narika’s that I met some years ago. He was into the Atlanta night life and good for celebrity sightings. I told him he needed to be a paparazzi.

“Girl, B said he was at that club next to Café Circa last night and saw you and Terry go up in there. He said yall looked cute together too.”

“Narika, you need a job working for the AJC, The National Inquirer, or Sister 2 Sister magazine, something,” I said “You could make a lot of money!”

“Shut up! I can’t help if I know folk,” she said “So why you can’t tell nobody about your lil date. Aw, he must be special then.”

“Narika, I have to go so to keep you from asking me about me and Terry again. Let me tell you this. We had a great time, the food was good, and we enjoyed each other’s company,” I said “Is that what you want to know?”

“I know you leaving out stuff,” whined Narika “Come on Sy, what happened?”

“I just told you!” I said “And like I told you, I have to go do some things so I will be talking to you later.”

“Okay, okay, don’t hang up yet,” said Narika while laughing “I just want to tell you I think Terry’s a good guy for you and I’m happy that you had a good time. I know I called you early this morning but that was only because B told me something else besides seeing you and Terry.”

Narika’s voice began to crack. I got a sick feeling in my stomach and I knew something was going on that wasn’t good.

“What’s wrong Narika?” I asked “What did B tell you?”

Narika started to cry and I did my best to console her even though I didn’t even know what she was upset about.

“Sy, B told me he saw Rayshon last night at that club too,” she explained “But the worst part is…”

Narika got choked up again and paused before she finished telling me.

“Girl B saw Rayshon in a corner of that club kissing a man! He took a picture with his picture phone and texted it to me after he called me and told me about it. I wanted to see it for myself so, I left my baby with Shay and went out there. I saw this fool hugged up with a man!” she cried.

“Aw Narika, I’m so sorry you had to go through that. Girl I am shocked. What did you do?” I asked.

“I slapped him so hard girl he got a nose bleed,” she said now smiling.

“His lil nasty friend ran and hid somewhere,” Narika said “Girl, I cussed them out so bad. You know they called the police on me, but me and B got in the car and left.”

“Dang, Narika. Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, it hurts but I’m going to make it,” she said “And this too shall pass. I guess Beyonce said it well in that song of hers. I guess it’s just me, myself, and I now.”

“Narika, you know are a beautiful woman inside and out and know that I’m here for you girl so you’re not in this by yourself. I love you and God loves you and He is going to send you the right man for you. Rayshon has to work out his own issues and only God can help him. It might hurt a little right now but you’ll get stronger. You’ll see.”

“I know,” Narika said as she began to sob loudly.

“That’s right. Get it all out Babygirl. Let it all go.”

Over the phone, I just prayed to God that He would heal her heart. I cried with her and asked God to give her peace. She needed that.

Click here–> Video: Beyonce – Me, Myself, and I
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© 2008 by Satirah.  All rights reserved.

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