Episode 17: Apologize

Sunday morning arrived way too fast, probably because of the early morning sleep interruption from Kevin. Maybe I should put his name on the prayer list, I thought to myself. I had to laugh out loud (LOL) on that one.

I took a shower and got dressed in a cute little black number I had forgotten I had in the closet, since I thought maybe I’d be running a little behind schedule. I was taking a last look in the mirror with clutch purse in hand when I got a phone call.

“What’s up girl?”

It was Narika. She sounded wide awake and like her old self so I was thinking maybe she was doing well despite the situation with her and her ex, Rayshon.

“Hey Narika. How are you? Everything okay?” I asked.

“Syrah girl, I’m good but, the saga continues! I am about to get a restraining order against Rayshon if he comes back over here one more time. He has apologized so much this weekend, I don’t know what to do. Let me tell you what he did girl. He had 7 dozen roses sent over here and on each vase there was one letter that spelled “I’m Sorry” and he is sorry, sorry as a heater in hell. He is the sorriest punk of an excuse for a man I ever knew in my life. I don’t care about his lil flowers. He should have thought about that before he decided to play ball for the other team and get turned out! I can’t believe him and I had my baby girl around him. No wonder he could do her hair better than me! You know what I’m saying?” Narika said with frustration in her voice.

“I hear you girl,” I said “He needs to just let it go and keep it moving because after something like this, you can’t trust him anymore. Besides, you know he’s not the only man on the planet for you and you can do much better. You remember when you kept telling me you thought there was something about him you didn’t get? Well, your intuitions were right.”

“Yeah and I wish I would’ve started investigating then! I would’ve known he was Rayshona instead of Rayshon. He is getting on my last nerve. I told him over and over it’s too late to apologize! I can’t stand him and like I said if he comes by here one more time, I’m calling Fulton County police and I’ll tell them that Tinkerbell has me afraid for my life and me and my child are in clear and present danger. I already told him I was going to sue him for harassment because he kept texting me, calling me, and leaving me messages on my voicemail. Oh and I told him I would bust every piece of glass on that broke down Mercedes too if he came by here again. I’ll bust out the sunroof, all the windows and the lights too! Oh and he knows I keep my baseball bat by the door too, so he know what’s up and I will do it! Don’t play with me! I can show him crazy!” she said as she started to laugh

“Girl he is sounding like he is borderline crazy. Speaking of crazy, how about Kevin called me at 3 something this morning,” I announced “You know I haven’t heard from him in 3 years.”

“What? Well what is really going on? Kev was my boy though Syrah,” said Narika. I could tell she was smiling too.

“Well, you know your boy was wrong though for the way things went down,” I said “Kev was not committed to anyone but himself and you know I wasn’t going for that.”

“I know girl. I lost respect for him after that though because I thought he was cool. So what did he say? What did he want?” she asked.

“Well, he pulled a Rayshon, called himself apologizing for some 3 year old drama and confessing his undying love for me until I told him I was seeing someone. Then his head must have spun around and he got straight evil on me. He told me he knew I was seeing Terry and got heated. You know I had to laugh in his ear after that because he went off the deep end. I could hear how he just flipped. I think he was drinking and he started talking crazy.” I explained.

“Dang girl! He is still off the chain then, huh?” said Narika “Begging like that liar, Rayshon, huh? Well that’s just too bad… should’ve thought about that before their cheatin behinds got busted! It’s too way late to apologize!”

Narika and I talked a little more as I made my way to church.  She said she was on her way too.  I told her we’d be just fine and both Rayshon and Kevin needed to walk on.  It’s not surprising though that they finally realized what they risked was too much for them to lose.  But in the process, too much hurt and breach of trust that would never be repaired cause the severing of the relationships.  Yes, we accepted apologies and forgave them, but it still hurt.  Yes, we accepted apologies, but let them go.  So Narika was right.  It was too late then and it’s too late now to apologize.

Click Here–> Video: Apologize- Timbaland featuring One Republic

Photo: www.onerepublic.net
© 2008 by Satirah. All rights reserved.

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