Episode 36: A Night To Remember

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Either that was the most delicious dinner ever or I was just in wedded bliss because it seemed everything tasted so good.  Terry and I kept looking at each other and smiling.  He nudged me a couple of times and then whispered in my ear.

“I’m going to start yawning in a few minutes and then we are gonna leave and go back up to the suite, Baby,” said Terry.

I looked at him and we burst out laughing so hard I was crying.  He put his arm around me and shook his head like I was laughing by myself.

“Well hurry up and get to yawning then.  I’m ready to go and get my honeymoon night started.  I have some surprises for you,” I said in a sexy voice.

Terry looked at me and the yawning idea got thrown out of the window.  My husband stood up at the table and said,

“Syrah and I want to thank everybody for coming.”

“Wait a minute Terry,” I said “We have to cut the cake and do the toast too and since we’ve already danced, I wanted to do a wedding party dance.”

Terry sat down and smiled at me as his brother got up to propose a toast.

“I just want to say to the happily married couple, thank you because I needed a vacation.”  Everyone laughed.

“Naw, seriously though, I want to say to you Syrah that you have made my brother a happy man and I have never seen him this peaceful, content, and loved, not to mention generous,” We all laughed again.

“I pray God’s blessings on you both and may your love for each other grow more and more each day.  Remember that love conquers all.  So no matter what, make sure you love each other and things will always work out.  Cheers.”

We all drank to that and then my sister made a toast as well.  We cut the cake, which was extremely scrumptuous.  These Tahitian people really know how to throw down.

We drank wine and laughed at Terry’s Dad’s stories about when he was a teenager.  Terry kept nudging me and yawning at the table like he was crazy.  He was clearly ready to go so we could enjoy each other for the rest of our wedding night.  I was ready to leave too.  I yawned a couple of times just to make him laugh.

The music started to play and I wanted to make sure we all did the wedding party soul train line.  The DJ played the song as I requested, an old school cut, A Night To Remember, by Shalamar.

We got in the soul train line and I went through first with Terry right behind me and we danced down the line together.  He finally grabbed me and hugged me as we made our way down to the end of the line.

My Dad did the James Brown down the line and Terry’s Dad went through doing a combination of the twist and something else.  It was hilarious.  We laughed and danced until Terry started yawning again in the soul train line.

“You are too crazy!” I said.

“I’m in love with you girl and this is gonna be a night to remember for real,” said Terry as he kissed his bride again.

Dinner was finally over and everyone was leaving for the night.  Terry and I headed up to our suite and in the tradition, he carried me over the threshold.  It was so romantic, just beautiful.

I got dressed into a hot silk, lace lined number I picked up earlier during the day.  Terry was going to love this negligee and I looked good.  I had to say so myself.

When I came out of the dressing room/bathroom, Terry had dozens of candles lit and purple and red rose petals were all over the bed.  The music was playing softly and that is how he kissed me, caressed me, and passionately showed me how much he wanted me.  As we held each other and exchanged passionate kisses, the atmosphere of the room changed.  I felt needed, wanted.  I felt sexy, desired.  I had never felt this way before and I was happy that I was experiencing this profound love with my husband.  He loved me, everything about me, and so much that he married me.  Making love to my husband, having my husband make love to me, was wonderful on so many levels, physically, mentally, emotionally.  This was a night to remember.

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Episode 35: For You

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There are no words that could accurately describe how I was feeling by the time sunset arrived.  I had a warm feeling all through me.  My heart fluttered with joy, excitement, and pure happiness.  I was in a place I had always longed to be.  I sat in the chair as my makeup was being done by my wedding team that consisted of a make up artist, hair stylist, and the designer.

Once the make up was done, they all looked at me and smiled, no words.

“Syrah, you look absolutely beautiful,” said the hair stylist as she added my vail and tiara to my updo that consisted of my natural hair up in a braided ethnic styled bun complete with one beautiful braid wrapped around the oversized bun of braids.

I fanned my eyes to keep myself from crying once I looked at myself in the mirror.

“Thank you.  I feel beautiful.  Thank you guys for your help.  This means so much to me,” I said.

There was a knock on the room door.

“Terry can’t see me yet.  That better not be him,” I said.  “I know I didn’t order any room service.”

My designer went to open the door and walked Rayna and the kids.  I screamed.

“Oh my God! Ray what are you doing here?”

“I came to see my sister get married!  I wouldn’t miss it for the world even though you didn’t call to tell a sista what was really going on here in Tahiti, heffa,” she said and we laughed

“I told you I was gonna elope one day so, you shouldn’t be surprised,” I said.

“Yeah, that’s why I called and told mama and daddy on you too,” she said.

“What? How you gonna play me like that?” I asked.

“Girl, I’m just playing,” Rayna said “But Mama and Daddy do know and well, I go ahead and tell you.  They’re here too.”

“Terry!” I said.

“Yes, Terry, your fiance,” said Rayna “He told us about this and had tickets for all of us a 2 weeks ago. You know I wasn’t gonna say no to a free trip to Tahiti!”  She laughed.

“That man!  I can’t believe him!  I love him!” I screamed “Okay I can’t cry I just got my make up done.”

My Mom and Dad came into the suite a few minutes later and I cried anyway and had to get my make up done again.  We all got dressed.  Rayna wore a purple dress with a white sash.  My niece was my flower girl and wore a white dress with a purple sash.  My little nephew wore a little white tuxedo and purple bow tie.  Too cute.

Terry also flew in his parents, his older brother and his wife and kids, and my brother and his wife.

Sunset was arriving.  I finally put on my beautiful destination wedding gown, duchess style with satin and tulle.  It was simple, but elegant and princess like.  I was ready and happy that my special day would also include those close family members.

We got downstairs with hundreds of stares and a few hundred “You are a beautiful bride” compliments from the guests and hotel staff.

When I finally made it down to the beach, I could see Terry standing there in the brightest white suit I’d ever set eyes on .  I held my Daddy’s hand tight.

“Don’t get scared now,” he said and laughed.

“I know right,” I said “I’m glad you’re here Daddy to walk me down this aisle, I mean this beach.”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world Babygirl.  As long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters.  I can tell Terry has made you very happy and that’s all I want to know,” said Daddy.

“I am Daddy.  I am,” I said.

We began to start our walk.  I couldn’t stop smiling.  I heard the music playing softly.  It was Kenny Lattimore’s  song, For You.  It was the perfect song for that perfect moment.  God made this day just for me, I thought to myself.

My father gave me away and I stood there with my king, my husband, and we exchanged vows, exchanged rings, and promised to spend our lives together.  We promised to love each other for life, sharing a love so deep, so strong that no man (or woman for that matter) can tear asunder.

“You may now kiss your new bride,” said the minister.

Terry embraced me, holding me tight in a way I never felt him do before.  He looked me in the eyes and said, “I love you Syrah Taylor.”  Then he kissed in a way he had never kissed me before.  It all seemed brand new to me and it felt wonderful.

The sun was on its way down as we walked hand in hand to take some pictures in the hotel ballroom where we had our small, intimate wedding dinner.  I felt like the happiest woman in the world and I was.

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Episode 34: You Put A Move On My Heart

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tamia6At breakfast I hardly ate a thing.  Terry ate his breakfast and mine really.  I was way too excited and I nibbled on some fruit and a piece of french toast.

“Well, Baby it’s about time for you and I to get ready for our amazing evening,” said Terry as we left the restaurant.

“I know but I don’t want to leave you now,” I said as he reached for my hand.

“Aww, Baby you are gonna make me go to your spa day with you if you keep this up,” he said.

“Spa day? Did you say spa day?” I asked with eyes wide open.

“Yeah, I have you set up for the works, massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, lunch, sauna, and then I called in a favor and had a designer fly in with some gowns for you to choose from.  So you have alot to do today Sweetie,” said Terry.

Either I was about to pass out or jump up seven feet in the air.  Terry had really done it now.  I was amazed that he had set all of this up and I had no clue.

“Oh my God, Terry did you have all of this planned before we got to Tahiti?” I asked.

“Baby you know I did.  Syrah, I knew you were the one I wanted to spend my life with since the first day I met you.  Now that I have you here with me in this beautiful place, I have to make you my wife.  And that’s what is going to happen in about 8 hours.  I love you in a special way, one I’ve never felt before in my life and I want to spend my life with you girl because of that,” said Terry as he kissed me.

“And I want to spend my life with you too Terry Taylor.  I love you so much,” I said with tears in my eyes…again.

“Now don’t start that all that damn crying again,” said Terry and we both laughed so hard he had tears in his eyes too.

He held me tight and I exhaled in relief.  This was not a dream.  This was real and I was going to be Mrs. Terry Taylor.

“Okay Baby, I have to go get some business taken care of and make sure everything is in order.  So, you enjoy yourself and think about me.  I love you Syrah,” he said to me.

“Terry, thank you!  This is the best day of my life.  I love you too,” I said.

We kissed and he went on his way.  I headed to the spa and they were waiting for me to arrive.  I felt like royalty as they catered to my every whim.

“Damn, Terry must’ve paid these people well,” I thought to myself.  This is a dream come true and I was happy it was happening to me.

After three and a half hours of glorious pampering: facial, full body massage, manicure, pedicure, waxing, and relaxing, I was greeted by a designer flown in from Atlanta, by Terry, especially for me.

The dresses were all gorgeous, but one stood out and when I tried it on, I knew that was the dress I was supposed to wear.  A few alterations had to be made and Angier, the designer, reassured me that my dress would be ready in a few hours, in time for my wedding.

I was on my way back to the hotel room and I was glowing, smiling inside and out.  I was in bliss and I didn’t want to come out of it.  Terry was the one I wanted and needed in my life and I was happy to have him in my life.  When I got back to the room, Terry was laying across the super king sized bed asleep.  I tiptoed in and kissed him on the cheek.  His eyes opened a little and he lifted his head.

“You look beautiful Baby,” he said in a tired whispery voice “Come take a little nap with me.”

I got on the bed and laid beside him.  He kissed me and smiled.  He rubbed my hair as he closed his eyes again.  I could tell he was tired.  I watched him sleep for a few minutes.  He looked so happy, so peaceful.  Truly this man had put a move on my heart.  I finally closed my eyes in anticipation of sunset.

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Episode 33: If This Isn’t Love

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God has sent me the man I’ve always wanted.  He sent me a man that has promised to love me for life.  I watched the waves from the balcony of our temporary Tahitian residence.  I could have stayed in that place of paradise forever.  Terry was in love with me and I was in love with him and that was perfect.  This was truly like a dream that I kept having to look down at my hand and make sure I really was engaged and that I really did have a bangin diamond ring on my left hand, ring finger.  The wind felt so good and the sky seemed bluer than I ever remember seeing.

“So, soon to be Mrs. Taylor, what’s on your mind?” said Terry as he walked up behind me and gave me one of those warm, love hugs.

“I was just thinking that you are my very best friend, love of my life, and now my fiance,” I said to him in a sweet voice.

“And you are the love of my life, my girlfriend, my best friend, and I want you to be my wife tonight,” he said.

A huge smile spread across my face all of a sudden and my mouth automatically opened in awe.

“Terry, are you serious?” I asked.

“Yeah baby, I am and I want you to be my wife tonight.  So will you marry me tonight?”

“Well, what about?” I said, but couldn’t speak anymore because Terry kissed my lips shut.

God, could this man really be for real? I thought to myself.

“Yes, I will tonight,” I said as I felt unplanned tears sliding from my eyes.

Finally, I had been found by the man of my dreams, a real man, one who wanted nothing more but to love me, protect me, comfort me, take care of me, be a friend to me, and be my husband, all the while giving me pure love from the depths of his own being.

It felt so good all I could do was cry.  I hugged him long and hard and held onto him with all the strength I could find because I was as light as a feather after that announcement.

“I have everything set up Syrah so you don’t have to worry about any arrangements and stop crying Baby,” said Terry.

“I know T, I’m trying to stop but I just can’t right now.  I feel like the happiest woman in the world.  You know what Baby?  I just…I have never met a man like you who treats me as good as you have.  I have never felt good about loving a man and you have changed that.  You have shown me that I can be loved and love without the hurt and disappointment  I have felt before.  And none of that really matters now because if I had to go through all of that, just for this moment right now, I would do it all over again, just to have you in my life,” I said.

“Baby, I’ll never stop loving you, treating you like you should be treated and you know that,” said Terry  “I want to always see you happy and I’m going to make sure you keep a smile on your face.”

Terry sat down on the bed and I sat on his lap and he just held me for a long time.  Neither one of us said a word but we spoke to each other heart to heart, spirit to spirit, mind to mind, soul to soul.

“Tonight I’m going to marry the love of my life, on a heaven like beach in Tahiti, and I’m finally truly happy and in love.  God if this isn’t love.  Tell me what it is because this is amazing.  Thank you for sending him to me,” I thought to myself as I inhaled Terry’s Angel cologne and smiled.

“So I have hired a staff to take care of you all day so you can be ready for me at sunset, Mrs. Taylor” said Terry.


“Yes, you and I are going to have breakfast in an hour.  Then after that you have a day of pampering and preparation.  Only the best for my beautiful queen,” he said.

“Oh my God Terry!  You have really got it together, huh?” I said “So what happens when we get back home?”

“Well for one thing, you will be moving in with me immediately.  We’ll call everybody and tell them and maybe we can have a reception or if you want we can have another ceremony,” said Terry.

“Aww Terry…I love you baby!” I screamed.

“Okay well if you love me go get dressed because I am starving and we have somewhere to be later,” he said.

We got dressed and headed out to get some breakfast.  I smiled as we walked through the hotel.  Terry reached for my hand as the glass doors opened for us to walk out.  I heard Jennifer Hudson’s song  “If This Isn’t Love” playing softly in the lobby.  It was right on time.

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Episode 32: You’re The Only One

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From the moment we landed in Tahiti, I knew this was a special trip and I was going to have the time of my life.  Terry was being his usual sweet self but he seemed kind of distracted.  I figured he was probably having thoughts of work and worrying about the business while he was away. 

“Terry, is everything okay with work?” I asked.

“Yeah Baby, why?” he asked me.

“Well, you just seem a little distant and at tad bit farther away from me than I want you to be,” I explained “I just thought maybe something happened at work before we left and you’re not telling me.”

“Dang, I apologize Syrah.  I just have a few things on my mind and I’m trying to figure out how to make some things happen.  I don’t mean to be that way.  Plus, we’re on vacation and you know what? I promise I will make it up to you.  No more thinking about work or anything else.  I’m going to be thinking about you and us and that’s it.  As a matter of fact, I’m going to turn off this phone right now and you and I are going to enjoy each other.”

By now, he had pulled me close to him as we stood out on the balcony that had the beachside view of the Tahitian waters.  As he kissed me I knew he meant what he said and we were connected again. 

We decided to get dressed up for dinner and Terry had some gifts for me.  He had a beautiful “little black dress” he insisted I wore tonight and some stunning silver shoes by Jimmy Choo.  I had never bought a pair of those high prices shoes ever in my life and I don’t think I would have either.  Somehow this man knew me and the shoes were just what I liked, just a little more expensive.  I was so excited about the shoes I didn’t even see when he pulled out three jewelry boxes that contained earrings, with matching necklace and bracelet.  Oh my God, diamonds were everywhere.  I could have slapped myself. 

“What?  You don’t like them?” Terry asked.

“Terry, Baby, I love them! And I love you!  This is so sweet!” I said as I hugged him close and tight. 

“You didn’t have to get me all of this stuff.  I am so happy and thank you Baby,” I said.

“You are definitley welcome and I am happy because you like it and Syrah I love you too Baby.  I love you so much that I want you to always know it and I’m not going to ever let you forget it,” Terry said.

Terry looked so handsome.  He had a on a tux I picked out for him earlier and damn, he was fine!  ‘You did good for yourself, Syrah, I thought as I smiled while this wonderful man put the necklace around my neck and bracelet on my arm.  I won’t lie.  He put the earrings in my ears too.  Now that was another first for me.  Having a man put my diamond earrings in my ears was just sweet to me.

Dinner was delicious and I was drinking chardonnay, smiling, laughing, and kissing the man I loved who made me feel beautiful, loved, sexy, and wanted.  When dessert came, I told Terry I couldn’t eat another drop but he insisted I try it and take it with me if I couldn’t eat it.  I agreed so he ordered it.  When the dessert came, the waiter lifted the top off the dish and nothing was there but a sparking, beautiful, diamond ring.  I looked at Terry and I sobered up quick.  (It’s amazing how you can get sober all of a sudden.) 

“Terry,” I said as I shook my head and smiled.

“Baby, that’s for you.  And I want to ask you something,” he said.

The restaurant got so quiet and all eyes were on me and Terry, who was now on one knee on my left side holding the ring up to my finger.  Everything went in slow motion and I even remember seeing an older white woman with lovely, curly red hair, looking at me and smiling with tears in her eyes. 

“Syrah, you’re the only one I want.  You’re the only one I love.  I only want you and I need you in my life.  You’re my best friend.  I love you.  Syrah, Baby, will you marry me?”

“Yes, Terry.  Yes I’ll marry you,” I said and he slipped the brilliant ring on my finger which made a perfect fit and matched the other diamonds I wore.

I cried and held onto him and the restaurant began to play one of my favorite songs by Eric Benet called “You’re The Only One”.  It seemed like the heavens had opened up to me and I was floating on a cloud.  I kissed him and hugged him and kissed him some more.  That was a moment I’ll never forget for as long as I live. 

That night Terry knew that he was certainly the only one I want and need in my life too.


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Episode 31: Hate On Me

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Ever since Terry told me we were going to Tahiti, I had been dreaming of him and me in that paradise of a place, surrounded by white sand, turquoise water, and endless blue skies.  This was going to be the best time of my life!  I was telling everybody too because I was so dang happy.  I couldn’t help it.  What I failed to remember was that not everybody will share in your happiness, wonderful love life, fine man, and personal peace in your life. 

Sunday evening I was waiting on Terry to come over.  We planned to just hang out, maybe go walk in the park, or just rent some movies from Blockbuster.  We didn’t know what we were going to do, but we’d figure it out once he got to my place.  I looked out the window and smiled.  I was still in ‘I actually have a new Mercedes’ mode too.  My phone rang and I looked at the caller ID.  It was Helena, a lady I met in church one Sunday.  We became acquaintances and even had lunch a few times.  However, she had this bad habit of being ‘holier than thou’ and always judged people, something about her I didn’t care for and called her out about quite a few times.  I know she used to get mad with me when I would tell her she wasn’t perfect either and all of us are working on our salvation.

“Hey there Syrah.  Girl, how you doing?” said Helena.

“I’m good. What’s going on?” I asked.

“Oh, not much.  I didn’t see you in church today,” she said.

“I know because I watched it online,” I told her.

“Online? Well, you know…forsake not yourself from assemblying with others now,” she half quoted from the bible.

“Whatever.  I didn’t feel like getting up.  Plus you are not the boss of me, and you sure ain’t my mama.  Did you forget I’m older than you too?  How about respect your elder and don’t be questioning me.  I do what I want to do….know this,” I said.

“Well, excuse me then.  Amen,” she said “So what’s up with you and with Terry?  How’s that going?” she asked nosily.

It was times like this I wish I had never told Helena I met Terry.

“Girl nothing but work, writing, and Terry and I are fine.  As a matter of fact, we are going to Tahiti in a few days.  So I’ll be getting some much needed R & R,” I said.

“Tahiti?” she asked.

“Yes Amen! Ain’t God good?” I said.

“Syrah, are you sure you should go to Tahiti with him?  I mean he hasn’t proposed to you or nothing.  Girl, that could be a trap to get you to sin and sleep with him.  Are yall staying in the same room and bed and all?” she asked.

“You know what Helena?  You are so nosey! And talk about naïve with no clue.  Yes, I’m going, and I’m happy too!  And how about I’ll sin if I want to.  How you like that?” I said.

“Uhm…well I was just saying what the Word says for us to yield not to temptation,” she said.

“Did you know the devil can quote scriptures too?” I asked.

“Helena you are one self righteous, judgmental fake ass Christian.  Yes, I said fake ass.  Ass is in the bible too!  You should know that since you read it so much.  Stop being jealous!  So nobody else can have a man and have a life if you’re still miserable and lonely.  Oh, I forgot.  You got Jesus.  Well, so do I and I  also have a wonderful, loving, fine man too!  Wish you did don’t you?  You have so much growing up to do.  You are immature in so many areas and you haven’t learned how to be a woman yet or even deal with a man.  That’s sad.  And criticizing and judging me is only a small part of your problem honey.  This is why you don’t have that many friends.  Check yourself because your holier than thou act has long had the curtain closed on it,” I said.

“Well, I ws just speaking the truth as a friend,” said Helena.

“Really?  Well, any friend would be happy for me. Not only that, they would trust that I am grown enough to make my own decisions about my relationships and my life.  I know you think you have some wisdom but, you have nothing you can ever tell me about my relationship with Terry.  You don’t know him and you don’t know me either,” I said.

“I wasn’t trying to offend you,” she said.

“You didn’t.  You just need to know to stop being stupid getting in my business like that,” I said “You don’t know me girl.”

“Syrah I wasn’t trying to get in your business,” said Helena.

“Girl, you’ve been doing that mess since I met Terry and made the mistake of telling you about him.  You’ve asked me where he lives, what he does, where he works, what he drives, and how much money he makes.  Helena, you even googled him.  Don’t lie!  I know you did.  You’ve not only asked me 21 questions, you’ve asked me 42!  I’m gonna tell it to you like this and make it clear.  Girl, mind your own damn business.  That’s why people have stopped talking to you.  You judge everybody as if you don’t do anything wrong.  And you can be a rude heffa when you want too.  Your mouth is poison, and nobody wants to be around you with all that.  I know I don’t.  Have you noticed I don’t call you?  Listen, I need to go.  I need to pack plus,  I see my man is outside.  See unlike you, I have a man who loves me and loves me so much, he’s taking me on a trip to Tahiti!  And I love him and I’m going and I’m sooooo happy, not even a killjoy like you can change that.  You are sad and twisted.  I hope you get a man soon that way you can stop worrying about me and mine!” I said.

“Syrah, I’m sorry,” said Helena with a sad tone, “I wish you and Terry the best and I’m glad you’re happy.  Maybe one day I will be too.”

“You will.  Trust God,” I said, “Bye.”

It’s funny.  Haters will hate on you about anything.  You have to start calling them out on it though in order for them to stop.  Go head and hate on me hater.


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Episode 30: More Than Words

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Mission accomplished.  I finally finished up the last article I was writing for a new magazine called Indigo that I recently signed a contract with.  I emailed the copy to the editor. 

“He better not edit it too much either,” I said as I hit the send button.

I was about to take a nap when my phone rang, as it has a habit of doing as soon as I decide I want to close my eyes for 45 minutes to an hour.  I looked at the phone and saw that it was Terry so my initial irritation immediately turned into joy, topped off with a pose for the camera smile.

“Hey beautiful, what you up to?” said Terry.

“Hey baby, I just finished up some work and I’m about to just relax for a while,” I said.

“Oh okay, cool.  So did you think about what I asked you the other night?” he asked.

“Of course I did.  I can’t stop thinking about it.”  I told him with excitement escaping from me that I didn’t plan on showing.

“Sooo?” Terry asked.

I could tell he was smiling and I’m sure he knew I was grinning from ear to ear too.

“So, yes!” I said.

“Cool.  I can finalize the plans today and get our tickets,” he said.

“Terry, I can’t believe you are taking me to Tahiti,” I said “This is like a dream come true.  I mean Terry, the car, the gifts.  You’ve really been so good to me.  I can’t even begin to compete with you on that.”

“Baby, we’re not in competition.  I’m doing these things for you because I love you and I want to spend all the time I can with you.  Plus, we both need a vacation and I think we need to go on one,” he said.

“Terry, all I can say is…I’m there and one question?  When do we leave?”

We both laughed.

“Well, next Wednesday is our departure date so make sure you have all the sexy sundresses you want packed in your bag,” he said.

“Next Wednesday?” I asked “Are you serious?”

“Yes, next Wednesday and I am very serious.  You don’t have any conflicts with that do you?” asked Terry.

“Honey, if I did, I don’t now,” I replied “I’m making room for my baby, spending time with my man.”

“Look at you,” he said “girl you gonna make me steal you away for 2 weeks, not just one.”

“Terry, the trip is for a week? Aww, baby!” I screamed.

“Yes, I’m going to have you all to myself for 7 whole days.  I love you Syrah.  This is going to be the best vacation I ever had in my life.  I already know it,” said Terry.

“Aww, Terry I love you too sweetie and I know this is going to be the best vacation I’ve ever had,” I said “You sure know how to make a girl feel loved.”

“How about I make you feel loved tonight by taking you out to dinner?” he asked.

“You know what?  How about I make you feel loved by cooking dinner for you?” I replied. “How’s 7 o’clock?”

“Oh man!  I am there and I can’t wait,” said Terry.

Terry and I talked for a few more minutes and we hung up.  God, I love this man, I thought to myself as I closed my eyes to take in all the good news and think about what I was going to cook for dinner.  Whatever I came up with was going to be good. 

“I am going to Tahiti!” I said out loud and smiled.

I was beginning to learn Terry’s love language.  He is definitely one who shows his love and care by giving gifts.  With him, he has to do something for you to make you smile, cause you to just be happy and erupt with joy.  I loved that about him.  He was not only a giving man but a man of his word.  I could trust that he will do what he says he will.  Truly his love for me was more than words.

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