Episode 29: I Can’t Stop Loving You

It was a beautiful thing to drive my brand new Mercedes.  Terry just kept watching my reaction and it seemed to make him beam with delight as he smiled every few minutes, then shook his head at my animation about the car.  This was truly one of the best things that ever happened to me!  It was almost like I was dreaming, but it was real and this time I didn’t pinch myself because I didn’t want to snap out of it anyway.

We drove with the top down and sailed down I-20, headed toward Glenwood Avenue.  The area on Glenwood had been revitalized in the past few years and it was a cozy, little neighborhood spot.  The newly constructed four story townhomes towered over us with elegance and the community was distinguished by the brick structures.  The great dining, eclectic shops, and friendly ambience made it one of Terry’s favorite spots to chill so we made our way to Vino Libro.

I parked on the side of the street, almost in front of the restaurant.  It was a crisp, clear night.  The weather wasn’t too cool or too humid either outside.  The sky glimmered with it’s diamonds and the moon was full and surrounded by winking stars that seemed brighter than usual on that night.  Terry opened my door and gave me a big hug and kiss.

“Terry, I love this car.  You won’t be getting this back unless you repossess it from me in the middle of the night,” I said.

“I told you it was yours to keep Baby, if you want it.  Plus, I knew you’d love it anyway.  I almost kept it for myself, but I said naw, I shouldn’t be that selfish,” said Terry as he laughed.

“Whatever then,” I said “You need to stop.”

We went inside Vino Libro and a jazz band was playing.  The atmosphere was light and inviting.  Candles lit on every table seemed to calm the air and mellow the souls of all surrrounded by their glow.  A few guys sat at the bar and a couple of ladies were ordering drinks and wine.  Terry asked the waiter if we could get a table outside.  I shook my head in agreement and watched the band play.  They sounded really good.  The place wasn’t packed to maximum capacity, but we wanted to enjoy each other and talk.  So outside was a good spot to relax and chill.  The waiter brought us a table and arranged it outside on the sidewalk and it was an excellent choice. 

I ordered a cranberry juice and Terry got us some chicken quesadillas.

“I really like the homes they’ve built here in this area,” I said.  “I’d like to know what they look like inside.”

“Maybe we can come back tomorrow or something and take a look,” said Terry “They are nice, good location too.  You wouldn’t mind moving out here would you?”

I looked at Terry and wondered what was going throught his ever so thoughtful mind.  This man would probably buy me the townhouse and move all of my stuff in two hours while I was at the gym or something.

“I sure wouldn’t mind.  It is a good area, close to downtown, friendly with the neighborhood feel.  Plus, you have to have a little loot to stay out here.  I’m sure they run at least $400,000 and up,” I replied.

We talked at ate and did some people watching along with laughing at some crazy outfits people actually wore out of the house.  One crew of women we saw needed 2 tickets each from the fashion police.  A couple of them needed to be arrested.  The funny thing was, you could tell they thought they looked super fine.  The air of confidence surrounding them was outrageous!  For example, one had on blue, no royal blue leather pants, a white tank top, and some bright yellow patton leather pumps.  Then she had her hair dyed red, yes Kool-Aid red.  Terry said she looked like a box of crayons.  We laughed so hard.  I was crying.  That was too funny.

I looked over at my new Mercedes and couldn’t stop smiling.  Wow!  This was really happening to me.  I have been found by a wonderful, not to mention good looking man, with a real job, who actually thinks about me, not himself.  I was truly beginning to love Terry and all I can say is, it felt good.

Click Here To See Video–> I Can’t Stop Lovin You: Kem

Photo: www.kemmusic.com

© 2008 by Satirah.  All rights reserved.

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