Episode 18: Whatever You Want

After church, I met up with a few friends, including Narika and we decided to go have brunch at J. Christopher’s, a nice little spot that served breakfast so good that people waited in long lines outside the door to get in there.

Kailee was a single mom of two, but her ex husband, Jonathan, had custody of her 2 boys and he recently remarried. Kailee had joint custody, so she got the kids during the summer. She was devastated when Jonathan got remarried last year. She was secretly hoping they could get back together, but that never happened. Of course, I kept telling her it was time to let go, especially after Jon had announced his engagement at the Christmas party last year and his wife-to-be flaunted a sparkling, blinding almost five carat diamond ring complete with baguettes. Kailee didn’t attend the party because she wanted to spend time with her kids but Bianca and I were her official reporters. Needless to say she didn’t like our report. I was proud of Kailee though because she did finally start dating a guy she met at the park one day when she had the kids for the weekend. His name was Neil and he was divorced too, with three kids. His wife had custody and it was his weekend with the kids so they started talking as they watched the kids play together. They ended up exchanging email addresses, then phone numbers, and eventually went on a child free date.

Kailee seemed happier now and I was happy for her. I spend countless nights at her house and on the phone consoling her about Jon’s new marriage. But it wasn’t her fault because Jon was unfaithful less than a year after their marriage. However, he was more stable in providing for the boys so Kailee gave him custody. He still has to pay her alimony though because he was unfaithful.

Bianca, the youngest of all of us, she was married to Brock, a dentist. Bianca was a teacher and she absolutely loved it. I always told her, I didn’t know how she did that job everyday. She had the patience of Job and that was part of it but, that is a job I couldn’t do, especially since you can’t whip kids at school anymore.

Brock was out of town giving a lecture so we were graced with Bianca’s presence for brunch. Otherwise, she would politely dis us and go have dinner with her hubby. We all understood that though because I already told them that if and when I got involved with a nice man, I was going to trade them in for my new man.

The four of us had been friends for the past few years. Narika and I were friends first and we met both Kailee and Bianca two years ago at a game night party. We started hanging out and just clicked. They were good people and great friends.

“So Syrah, you have to tell us about this new man of yours,” said Kailee.

“Yeah, we need all the details and what his intentions are with you too,” Bianca chimed in.

“I’m sure both of you have talked to Miss Narika here. I’m sure she told you,” I said.

“See, I didn’t tell them. Well, not everything,” Narika said as we all laughed.

“Well, he’s just wonderful and I haven’t had this much fun in a while. I haven’t felt this good about any man for the longest time, and he’s been so good to me. Next weekend we’re going to an All White Party and I can meet some music industry folks. I am really happy so far so keep praying for a sista! Naw, I think Terry’s a good guy and it’s been so long since I felt so right. Terry is the guy that doesn’t mind giving you whatever good thing it is you want, but by no means is he a pushover. You know I can’t stand that weakness. I really do believe he’s a keeper,” I said.

“Ooo, girl he sounds nice and I can’t wait to meet him,” said Bianca “It might be time for me to host another one of my famous dinner parties at the Russells. I’ll tell Brock as soon as I get home and start the invitations.”

“Yeah, maybe Brock can give us some free tooth whitenings on the side,” said Narika.

“Whatever,” said Bianca “You gotta stop trying to get free dental services now, dang. But if you have some good insurance, we might be able to work out a deal for you.”

We all laughed and decided to head out for brunch. It was good to see my friends again and for all of us to spend time catching each other up on our lives. Telling them about Terry was a blissful thing and I was smiling from the inside out. This was something I prayed to be able to finally do for the longest time.

Click Here–>Video: Whatever You Want – Tony! Toni! Tone!

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© 2008 by Satirah.  All rights reserved.

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