Episode 21: Let’s Chill

Terry and I ended up at my apartment after dinner.  We were enjoying each other’s company so much we decided to just chill a little while longer.  Terry flipped through my 10 channels and elected to watch some reruns of Sanford & Son that I happened to catch on local television.  I warned him that I didn’t have cable or satellite.  He cracked a couple of jokes about my antenna and how I needed to put some aluminum foil on the ends to get the picture clearer.  I had not had cable for the past 3 years and I didn’t feel deprived.  I just didn’t watch television all that much and never bothered with the cable.  Plus, with the internet, I could watch CNN and entire television shows if I wanted to catch something only on cable, and that was a rare occurrence.

Fred had called Lamont a big dummy for the fifth time on the show when my doorbell rang.  It was almost 12:30am and I was surprised.  I thought maybe it was my neighbor Marie.  She was good for coming by to talk trash about her ex husband when he got on her nerves.

“Are you expecting someone?” Terry asked me.

“No, it might be my next door neighbor, Marie though.  She thinks it’s cool to come by here after she has had a few glasses of wine,” I said shaking my head.

I didn’t want to move.  I was snuggled in Terry’s arms and I had a warm, comfy, cozy spot created so I was delayed in answering the door.  I looked up at him briefly and he looked back down at me with his eyes stretched a little.

“You want me to get the door for you?” he asked.

“Naw, I’ll go.  I’m gonna look through the peephole and see who it is first,” I said “If it’s not Marie, maybe someone is just at the wrong door.”

“Okay. Cool,” Terry said.

I got to the door and looked through the peephole.  I heard my cell phone ringing at the same time, so I looked over at Terry.  He was still watching TV, shaking his head at the jokes going on.

I went back to the peephole and it certainly wasn’t someone at the wrong apartment door.  It was Kevin.  He had his cell phone to his ear so I figured he was probably calling me at the same time.  “Oh no he didn’t drag his raggedy behind over here,” I thought to myself.  I couldn’t believe he came by my apartment without an invitation.

“Everything okay Syrah?” Terry asked.

“Yeah,” I said softly as I walked back to the couch without even opening the door.

Click Here –> See Video: Let’s Chill – Guy

Photo: http://www.vh1.com

© 2008 by Satirah. All rights reserved.

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