Episode 10: Funny How Time Flies (When You’re Having Fun)


Episode #10

We talked as we drove and finally ended up at Lenox Square Mall.  I didn’t frequent Lenox to shop.  I was a bargain shopper and there was not a bargain in sight there.  Because celebrities, high profile people, and other socialites were patrons there, the mall was a little pricey to me.  So if I went it was usually to browse or “wish shop” (wish I could buy some things).

That day, with Terry, I felt like I fit right in.  Terry reached for my hand and we walked into Neiman Marcus first.  We got some stares initially from sales associates and customers.  I thought maybe people thought we were celebrities.  Terry was wearing some expensive looking shades.  Maybe some people recognized me from my singing gigs around Atlanta.  Shoot, that couldn’t be it.  I smiled to myself. 

I was surprised when Terry, still holding my hand, walked us over to the women’s clothing section.

“I want to get you something,” Terry said.

“Oh Terry that’s sweet of you but, you don’t have to get me anything.  I’m good,” I said “Let’s go check out what you wanted to look at.”

“Yeah, this would look nice on you.  You like it don’t you?” Terry said, completely disregarding what I just said “What? You don’t like it?”

“Yes, I love it, but didn’t you hear me?”

“I heard you, just let me do this for you,” he said “I can’t come here and buy me something and then don’t get you anything.  You know what I mean?  Now don’t get me wrong.  I don’t go around buying for just anybody.  I’m doing this for you because I just want to.  It’s a gift.  So let me.”

“Terry, this is so extremely nice of you.  But this is a $595 dress, and you can get me something else a little less expensive,” I tried to explain.

“Nope, I like this dress.  You would look so beautiful, not to mention sexy-classy and I want you to have this.  You said you love it and that’s all I need to hear,” said Terry “Plus, uhm, I have an all white affair I have been invited to and I want you to come with me if you would be so kind and gracious to accompany me.”

“Really? When?”  I asked.

“It’s next weekend?” he said, “Do you think you can come with me?”

“Of course I can, especially in a get up like this,” I answered while holding up my brand new dress.

The dress was a brilliant white, a couple of inches above the knee, sleeveless, wrap dress, which included a wide belt to add a nice touch.  I have to admit it was a beautiful dress, with a sexy, but elegant tone to it.  I tried it on and Terry was licking his lips.  I did a little top model walk in the fitting room.  I laughed and he asked me if it was okay for him to pick up his jaws off the floor.  We laughed so loud that this time, people in the store were staring again.

I went back to the fitting room to change and Terry waited patiently on the comfy man seat strategically placed for the men to sit as women tried on clothes.

“We’ve been in here for over an hour Terry,” I said from the fitting room “And we haven’t gotten what you needed yet.”

I walked out of the door and Terry reached for the dress.

“I know.  It’s funny how time flies when you’re having fun,” said Terry. 

We smiled at each other as a sales associate graciously came over to escort us to the nearest customer service desk.


Photo: http://www.paranoidtruth.com/

Click Here –>Listen: Funny How Time Flies (When You’re Having Fun) – Janet Jackson

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