Episode 12: U Send Me Swingin’


Episode 12

Dinner at Sambuca’s was absolutely scrumptious. We started off with crab cakes that melted in your mouth and the calamari fritti. I’m not a calamari fan at all since I found out what it really was but, Terry had a convincing way to coax me into trying it again without thinking about it from a negative perspective. What he did was reminded me that I ate chicken and I’ve seen with my own eyes how chickens eat any and everything they get their beaks on.

Then for the main course, I ordered the Mediterranean Lasagna. This was the most flavorful lasagna I had ever eaten and I must admit I can throw down myself when it comes to making lasagna but this was outstanding. Terry had the Aussie Lamb Chops, another type of food I had reservations about eating. Poor little lambs. Jesus, the lamb. You know how it is once you take it there. I told Terry I just had issues with eating a baby animal. Then he reminded me about chicken again and how I ate buffalo wings and those sure weren’t grown chicken legs. So, I tried his lamb chops and to my surprise it was delicious. I was glad he got me to step out of my box and try some new things, and surprise my palate.

I enjoyed the jazz music in the comfortably, dim lit restaurant. The atmosphere was serene and light. The ambiance was inviting and soothing with an interior of rich golden tones, warm suede and bold prints surrounding us. This was only my second time at Sambuca’s in all the years I’ve lived in Metro Atlanta. I remember going with my girl Tami about 8 years ago. We were just going to check it out and see what the huge buzz was about it. We had heard that it was a nice place to hang out and listen to jazz music. Both Tami and I were so tired of the club scene that we just wanted to go to a more relaxed atmosphere where people weren’t wild acting, a place for grown folks only. So, we went there and scoped out the scene. Basically we both agreed that this was definitely a place that people should go with their man on a date. Needless to say, I hadn’t been back since, until that night with Terry.

Terry was just being Terry the entire night. Whatever I asked for, he made sure I got it and even some things, like dessert, that I insisted on not having. He made the waitress get me some dessert, the Sticky Toffee Pudding, with the ice cream to go. He ate the ice cream. The jazz music was calming. The saxophone player played softly and the guy on the piano stroked the keys like it was second nature. Terry got up and went on stage during the band’s short break. He told me he was going to request a song he wanted them to play. It was strange because the sax player and the rest of the crew kept looking over at me, smiling, shaking their heads ‘yes’ to whatever Terry was telling them. Terry came back to the table and told me he had a surprise for me. Here we go again I thought to myself and I couldn’t help but to smile about it.

I felt like I was on a natural high from the excitement of the day and the tranquil mood of the restaurant gave me some balance. This moment of sweetness sent my mind swinging from one good, perfect place to another.

Click Here -> Video: U Send Me Swingin’ – Mint Condition
Photo: http://www.lnlkl.com
© 2008 by Satirah. All rights reserved.

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