Episode 27: Take A Bow

Mina went on to tell me how Ned constantly asked her for money and she couldn’t let this fool use her anymore, especially since she found out he was doing more than smoking weed and drinking.  Mina said she and Ned went out to a restaurant one night and ran into some interesting people who were not only high, but they actually invited her and Ned to a “smoke out party”.  One of the guys pulled out a little bag of white powder that was definitely not baking soda and didn’t smell like something you’d sprinkle on a baby’s bottom either. To top it all off, Ned told her he’d meet her back at the apartment and left with his crew.  When he came back, he was stoned.  She said she knew something wasn’t right when Ned’s eyes stared that bag down like a hawk does its prey.  Mina said she found a letter hanging out of Ned’s pocket so she pulled it out and read it as Ned lay passed out on the couch.  In the letter Ned’s ex, whose name is Doretha, was telling him how sorry she was and apologizing to him because she knew he was disgusted with her.  She then went on to say she’d never had any positive test results for anything, other than precancerous cells in a pap smear.  She wrote that she looked all night on the internet for illnesses and diseases, but couldn’t find anything that matched or looked like her symptoms, which were some dry places in her inner thighs and a rash around her mouth.  She said she found out that she had hepatitis and Ned should get tested because they both did heroin together and she was going to get help, and get in a drug treatment program. She went on to write that she was calling the doctor for her results about the mouth and booty rashes.

“Now what does that sound like to you Syrah?” asked Mina.
“Sounds like old girl has diaper rash from wearing some tight drawz!” I said as Mina and I burst into laughter.

“Naw, seriously, sounds like she’s talking about being concerned she has an STD Mina,” I said.

“Well, that’s what I thought, but when I confronted Ned about it, first he accused me of violating his privacy by reading the letter which was hanging out of his pocket about to drop on the floor anyway.  If he wasn’t doped up, he would’ve known I had it.  He didn’t know until I told him that.  Girl, do you believe this fool?  Then he said this was about a personal, serious concern about her having cancer so I should stop snooping and letting the devil put things in my mind to mess with me,” Mina said.

“Now how can this be about cancer when she said in the letter plainly that she knows he is disgusted with her.  Now why would he be disgusted if the woman thought she had cancer?  Oh, and I forgot to tell you too, she said in that letter that she had not been with anyone else since Texas. Why would she tell him about something dealing with sex if it wasn’t about that?”

“Mina, Ned is a stupid, irresponsible, lazy, deadbeat dad, lying, leeching, pus filled serpent, going to hell with gasoline drawz on for the way he has treated you and for how ungrateful he is to you for the past few months you’ve stood by him when he quit his job as a firefighter and even when business deal after business deal failed.  You know when we talked the last time about the last business deal that went sour, I sensed Ned messed that up himself.  His mouth is awful and he doesn’t know how to talk to people.  He is such a know it all that he doesn’t know anything at all.  You know what I mean?  He could’ve just been a man about it, not insult your intelligence with that lame, devil got you snooping diversion.  So, he’s tries to put it off on you instead of having to man up when he got busted.  He deserves an award for the role he played, a standing ovation.  You tried girl, close the door and let him be on the other side when it slams.  He is not good enough for you anyway.  He’s a loser in the worst way and will continue to fail and be a loser as long as he is treating people the way he treated you and probably, what’s her name, Doretha too.  And another thing, the devil didn’t put anything in your mind, Mina.  That was God revealing and exposing Ned for who he really is, his lack of character too and God allowed you to see this for yourself,” I said.

“I know Syrah.  I know.  I’m done and I close that door.  It kind of hurt a little but I knew it was coming.  As a matter of fact, I was praying for something to change and since he didn’t, my change is moving on with my life without him.  To tell you the truth Syrah, I realized, I never loved him.  Plus, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  Funny, huh?” she said.

“No, that was just you guarding your heart from what you knew deep inside was not for you.  So now, the door is open for someone new, someone good, someone who gives and doesn’t take, someone who is honest, not a deadbeat and a liar.  Be glad you got out now because there are probably more women you didn’t even know about too.  He’s not a man.  He’s still a boy.  He’s still immature and doing stupid things, just like little boys do.  Let him go back to living with his grandmama and all her cats and beg her for food,” I said.

“Yeah, I know.  To tell you the truth, I haven’t fooled around with Ned for the past 6 months because I knew he was out there.  We broke up long time ago, just kind of letting it linger because I thought we were friends, but obviously not.  I went to my doctor just in case and I’m clear as far as any disease though.  So I’m happy about that.  Maybe that dumb heffa did have diaper rash!” Mina said as we laughed again.

Mina and I sat and talked and laughed.  She was a strong minded, good woman, reminded me of myself.  I have lived through that same story Mina had just told me so I knew exactly what she was going through.  Mina was going to be alright and I could tell her that and know for sure because I was alright too.  We even prayed and I asked God to send her the man that was just right for her.  Mina was such a sweet young woman, with a heart of gold, like me.  I wanted her to meet her “Terry” too.  And I felt like soon she would because she had closed the door on the wrong man and opened the door for the right one to come into her life.  She’d be coming back in no time to tell me what a wonderful, good, handsome, loving, kind, giving, employed, non drug using man she had met.  Soon, very soon.

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© 2008 by Satirah.  All rights reserved.

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