Episode 20: Someone To Love

Terry picked me up for dinner and we had a wonderful time just talking and laughing.  It felt more like we’ve known each other for years.  He was so refreshing to have around me like a cool glass of iced lemon tea on a high humidity day.  I could breathe when I was with Terry and I let down a few of my walls.  I really felt like he did the same thing too.

“So I just want to make sure you’re all mine,” said Terry.

“Why Terry darling, whatever do you mean?” I asked with a southern drawl in my voice.

“Girl stop, you are a trip.  But seriously, I’m a one woman man Syrah and I’m not going to be able to see you with another man so I want to make sure I can have you all to myself,” he said “I guess what I’m saying is I want us to be a couple, an item, in an exclusive relationship.  That’s the phrase I was looking for.”

Terry seemed almost a little nervous, almost shy.  I could literally feel he was taking a chance and I got nervous myself.  That was a sweet, yet awkward moment and we both smiled trying to hide the unusual nervousness that came over us.

“I do too Terry.  I like you and I like spending time with you so are you my “manfriend” now?” I inquired.

“Yeah, and you’re my lady,” said Terry as he winked his eye at me.

Dang, this man is sexy, I was thinking to myself as I smiled at the sweet gesture.

“I’m just ready to settle down and have someone special in my life right now and I feel like we’re good together.  Plus, I’ve never met a woman like you and I’d be a fool to let you get away from me Syrah.  I want to be in a committed relationship with no games.  I’m tired of drama and I’m ready for real love.  I’m ready for someone to love.  So if you can be straight with me about things, I’ll be straight up with you and we can do this. You know?”

“I know what you mean Terry.  I’ve been through so much and I’m ready for a real man without the shenanigans,” I said “To make it even better, I’m having the time of my life with you.  You’re such a cool dude and you’re the sweetest man I’ve ever met.”

We laughed at the cool dude comment.

“I’m a cool dude, huh.  Well, you know what baby, I’m yours.  I’m your cool dude then,” said Terry.

I think by this time I was trying to fan away tears of joy.  The way Terry looked at me with those sincere, big, brown eyes was enough for me to believe that every word he was saying was true and real.  It was like I could see into his soul and feel that he meant it.  It was like he was comforting me and reassuring me without even trying.  That was good for me because over the years and being in messed up relationships, I lost my ability to fully trust.  This time I was going to have to do something better and something different in order to get different, better results.  Terry made it easy for me by not only his words but his actions and I knew this was a man I could trust with my very life.  I finally had someone to love me and someone I could trust my heart with and truly love.

Click Here–> Video: Someone To Love – Jon B. featuring Babyface

Photo: http://www.jonbmusic.com; http://www.islandrecords.com

© 2008 by Satirah. All rights reserved.

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