Episode 31: Hate On Me



Ever since Terry told me we were going to Tahiti, I had been dreaming of him and me in that paradise of a place, surrounded by white sand, turquoise water, and endless blue skies.  This was going to be the best time of my life!  I was telling everybody too because I was so dang happy.  I couldn’t help it.  What I failed to remember was that not everybody will share in your happiness, wonderful love life, fine man, and personal peace in your life. 

Sunday evening I was waiting on Terry to come over.  We planned to just hang out, maybe go walk in the park, or just rent some movies from Blockbuster.  We didn’t know what we were going to do, but we’d figure it out once he got to my place.  I looked out the window and smiled.  I was still in ‘I actually have a new Mercedes’ mode too.  My phone rang and I looked at the caller ID.  It was Helena, a lady I met in church one Sunday.  We became acquaintances and even had lunch a few times.  However, she had this bad habit of being ‘holier than thou’ and always judged people, something about her I didn’t care for and called her out about quite a few times.  I know she used to get mad with me when I would tell her she wasn’t perfect either and all of us are working on our salvation.

“Hey there Syrah.  Girl, how you doing?” said Helena.

“I’m good. What’s going on?” I asked.

“Oh, not much.  I didn’t see you in church today,” she said.

“I know because I watched it online,” I told her.

“Online? Well, you know…forsake not yourself from assemblying with others now,” she half quoted from the bible.

“Whatever.  I didn’t feel like getting up.  Plus you are not the boss of me, and you sure ain’t my mama.  Did you forget I’m older than you too?  How about respect your elder and don’t be questioning me.  I do what I want to do….know this,” I said.

“Well, excuse me then.  Amen,” she said “So what’s up with you and with Terry?  How’s that going?” she asked nosily.

It was times like this I wish I had never told Helena I met Terry.

“Girl nothing but work, writing, and Terry and I are fine.  As a matter of fact, we are going to Tahiti in a few days.  So I’ll be getting some much needed R & R,” I said.

“Tahiti?” she asked.

“Yes Amen! Ain’t God good?” I said.

“Syrah, are you sure you should go to Tahiti with him?  I mean he hasn’t proposed to you or nothing.  Girl, that could be a trap to get you to sin and sleep with him.  Are yall staying in the same room and bed and all?” she asked.

“You know what Helena?  You are so nosey! And talk about naïve with no clue.  Yes, I’m going, and I’m happy too!  And how about I’ll sin if I want to.  How you like that?” I said.

“Uhm…well I was just saying what the Word says for us to yield not to temptation,” she said.

“Did you know the devil can quote scriptures too?” I asked.

“Helena you are one self righteous, judgmental fake ass Christian.  Yes, I said fake ass.  Ass is in the bible too!  You should know that since you read it so much.  Stop being jealous!  So nobody else can have a man and have a life if you’re still miserable and lonely.  Oh, I forgot.  You got Jesus.  Well, so do I and I  also have a wonderful, loving, fine man too!  Wish you did don’t you?  You have so much growing up to do.  You are immature in so many areas and you haven’t learned how to be a woman yet or even deal with a man.  That’s sad.  And criticizing and judging me is only a small part of your problem honey.  This is why you don’t have that many friends.  Check yourself because your holier than thou act has long had the curtain closed on it,” I said.

“Well, I ws just speaking the truth as a friend,” said Helena.

“Really?  Well, any friend would be happy for me. Not only that, they would trust that I am grown enough to make my own decisions about my relationships and my life.  I know you think you have some wisdom but, you have nothing you can ever tell me about my relationship with Terry.  You don’t know him and you don’t know me either,” I said.

“I wasn’t trying to offend you,” she said.

“You didn’t.  You just need to know to stop being stupid getting in my business like that,” I said “You don’t know me girl.”

“Syrah I wasn’t trying to get in your business,” said Helena.

“Girl, you’ve been doing that mess since I met Terry and made the mistake of telling you about him.  You’ve asked me where he lives, what he does, where he works, what he drives, and how much money he makes.  Helena, you even googled him.  Don’t lie!  I know you did.  You’ve not only asked me 21 questions, you’ve asked me 42!  I’m gonna tell it to you like this and make it clear.  Girl, mind your own damn business.  That’s why people have stopped talking to you.  You judge everybody as if you don’t do anything wrong.  And you can be a rude heffa when you want too.  Your mouth is poison, and nobody wants to be around you with all that.  I know I don’t.  Have you noticed I don’t call you?  Listen, I need to go.  I need to pack plus,  I see my man is outside.  See unlike you, I have a man who loves me and loves me so much, he’s taking me on a trip to Tahiti!  And I love him and I’m going and I’m sooooo happy, not even a killjoy like you can change that.  You are sad and twisted.  I hope you get a man soon that way you can stop worrying about me and mine!” I said.

“Syrah, I’m sorry,” said Helena with a sad tone, “I wish you and Terry the best and I’m glad you’re happy.  Maybe one day I will be too.”

“You will.  Trust God,” I said, “Bye.”

It’s funny.  Haters will hate on you about anything.  You have to start calling them out on it though in order for them to stop.  Go head and hate on me hater.


Click Here For Video–> Hate On Me: Jill Scott

Photo: www.baltimoresun.com

© 2008 by Satirah.  All rights reserved.

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