Episode 29: I Can’t Stop Lovin You

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It was a beautiful thing to drive my brand new Mercedes.  Terry just kept watching my reaction and it seemed to make him beam with delight as he smiled every few minutes, then shook his head at my animation about the car.  This was truly one of the best things that ever happened to me!  It was almost like I was dreaming, but it was real and this time I didn’t pinch myself because I didn’t want to snap out of it anyway.

We drove with the top down and sailed down I-20, headed toward Glenwood Avenue.  The area on Glenwood had been revitalized in the past few years and it was a cozy, little neighborhood spot.  The newly constructed four story townhomes towered over us with elegance and the community was distinguished by the brick structures.  The great dining, eclectic shops, and friendly ambience made it one of Terry’s favorite spots to chill so we made our way to Vino Libro.

I parked on the side of the street, almost in front of the restaurant.  It was a crisp, clear night.  The weather wasn’t too cool or too humid either outside.  The sky glimmered with it’s diamonds and the moon was full and surrounded by winking stars that seemed brighter than usual on that night.  Terry opened my door and gave me a big hug and kiss.

“Terry, I love this car.  You won’t be getting this back unless you repossess it from me in the middle of the night,” I said.

“I told you it was yours to keep Baby, if you want it.  Plus, I knew you’d love it anyway.  I almost kept it for myself, but I said naw, I shouldn’t be that selfish,” said Terry as he laughed.

“Whatever then,” I said “You need to stop.”

We went inside Vino Libro and a jazz band was playing.  The atmosphere was light and inviting.  Candles lit on every table seemed to calm the air and mellow the souls of all surrrounded by their glow.  A few guys sat at the bar and a couple of ladies were ordering drinks and wine.  Terry asked the waiter if we could get a table outside.  I shook my head in agreement and watched the band play.  They sounded really good.  The place wasn’t packed to maximum capacity, but we wanted to enjoy each other and talk.  So outside was a good spot to relax and chill.  The waiter brought us a table and arranged it outside on the sidewalk and it was an excellent choice. 

I ordered a cranberry juice and Terry got us some chicken quesadillas.

“I really like the homes they’ve built here in this area,” I said.  “I’d like to know what they look like inside.”

“Maybe we can come back tomorrow or something and take a look,” said Terry “They are nice, good location too.  You wouldn’t mind moving out here would you?”

I looked at Terry and wondered what was going throught his ever so thoughtful mind.  This man would probably buy me the townhouse and move all of my stuff in two hours while I was at the gym or something.

“I sure wouldn’t mind.  It is a good area, close to downtown, friendly with the neighborhood feel.  Plus, you have to have a little loot to stay out here.  I’m sure they run at least $400,000 and up,” I replied.

We talked at ate and did some people watching along with laughing at some crazy outfits people actually wore out of the house.  One crew of women we saw needed 2 tickets each from the fashion police.  A couple of them needed to be arrested.  The funny thing was, you could tell they thought they looked super fine.  The air of confidence surrounding them was outrageous!  For example, one had on blue, no royal blue leather pants, a white tank top, and some bright yellow patton leather pumps.  Then she had her hair dyed red, yes Kool-Aid red.  Terry said she looked like a box of crayons.  We laughed so hard.  I was crying.  That was too funny.

I looked over at my new Mercedes and couldn’t stop smiling.  Wow!  This was really happening to me.  I have been found by a wonderful, not to mention good looking man, with a real job, who actually thinks about me, not himself.  I was truly beginning to love Terry and all I can say is, it felt good.

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Episode 28: Heaven Sent

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Terry was on his way to pick me up so I wanted to speed up my beautifying process.  I loosened my hair and let it go free, natural, and wild.  Terry liked it like that.  I was putting the last few bobby pins in my hair when the phone rang.  Of course it was Terry.

“Hey Baby!” said Terry with a little extra excitement in his voice.

“Hey Handsome!” I said matching the happy tone.

“I’m at the gate.  Let me in girl,” he said “I can’t wait to see you!”

“Can’t wait to see to see you either.  Access is granted,” I said as I pushed the number key to let him in.

I had decided earlier to create a relaxing mood and atmosphere for my man, so I had my candles lit, blinds closed for minimum light, lighting just a little low, and the Merlot was chilling in my silver ice bucket.  I had it all set up on the bar, ready to go.

I peeked out of my bedroom window right quick and I didn’t see Terry’s Navigator nor did I see the Maserati.  I did see a nice black Mercedes SL 600 convertible parking next to my little Jetta though.  Terry gets out of the car and reaches over the seat for something.

“What in the world?” I thought to myself as I headed for the door.  “This man has gone and bought another car!”

The doorbell rang so I answered it, all excited, and trying to compose myself.  I admit.  I was so happy to see him.  We both had been so busy during the week and it was time for us to give each other some real attention.

“Who is it?” I asked.

“Like you don’t know who it is,” said Terry.

We both laughed as I opened the door.

“Hey you!” I said.

“Hey, Sweetie!  I missed you girl!” said Terry as he handed me a bouquet of tulips, my favorite flower.  He was so thoughtful.  I was still wondering if he was for real or not, especially when he did things like that.

“Aw, Terry, you are just so sweet.  Thank you Boo! I love tulips!” I said smiling and smelling my tulips.

I put those tulips down and gave Terry a loving, warm, hug and he took over with a ‘I miss you’ kiss.  If he wasn’t holding me up, I would’ve been on the floor because this man still made me feel so light when he kissed me, you could knock me over with a feather.  When was I going to get over that?

I had the stereo playing a CD with some good songs on it.  It was playing “At Your Best,” the version by Aaliyah.  Terry was already pouring us a little glass of wine as I put my tulips in a vase.

“So what’s the plan? What are we doing tonight Mr. Taylor?” I asked.

“Well after we finish this glass of wine here, I thought we’d get another glass at Vino Libro,” he said “And we can get a bite to eat there too.  Is that cool?”

“Yeah, sounds good to me,” I said sipping on my Merlot.

“Plus, I have a surprise for you too,” he said. “You’re gonna love this too Syrah.” he said, smiling and really excited too.

“Really? What is it?” I asked “Now you have to tell me since you mentioned it. You know how I am.”

“Naw, can’t tell you.  It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you, now would it?” he answered.

“Okay Terry.  I guess I have to go along with you for now,” I said sounding slightly disappointed.

“I knew you would,” said Terry as he kissed me on the forehead.

We sat for a while, just talking, laughing and listening to the music.  Terry just held me close and we finished up our glass of wine.

Of course I was still thinking about the surprise, trying not to mention it again.  The radio was playing Keyshia Cole’s “Heaven Sent” and I was singing along too.  I loved this song.  It reminded me of Terry so much.

“Okay here’s the surprise,” said Terry.

“I looked at him all excited, already smiling.

“You know how you’ve been having some issues with your car and you said you wanted to sell it, right?” he said.

I shook my head yes.

“Well, I got you another one, that Mercedes you saw a few weeks ago that you said you liked,” said Terry “And Baby, it is so nice.  I drove it here.  You’re gonna love it!”

I looked at Terry in awe.  Did I just hear him correctly? I thought to myself.

“Oh my God, Terry, you got me a Mercedes?” I screamed with joy “I can’t believe it! Oh yes, I can believe it,” I said with excitement as I hugged him and kissed him about to knock over the empty wine glasses.

Terry was smiling and pulled out the keys.

“But Terry, I shouldn’t accept a car from you.  I mean…I don’t know what I mean,” I said.

“Well, Syrah I want you to have it.  I tell you what.  Why don’t you just use it until you sell yours,” he suggested “Would that make you feel like you can accept a blessing like this.”

“Terry, of course, I can accept it.  Thank you sooo much!  Why did you do that?” I asked.

“Because I care about you and I want you to be able to drive in peace, not worry about something going wrong with your car,” he said “And plus, I love you like that.”

“Terry, this has to be the best thing anyone has ever done for me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I said as I hugged and kissed him again.

“Come on, let’s go for a ride in your new car,” he said.

We blew out all the candles and he handed me the keys.  This was wonderful!  I was so happy. 

Terry had to be sent from heaven.  Who else but God would send me a man like him? 



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Episode 27: Take a Bow

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Mina went on to tell me how Ned constantly asked her for money and she couldn’t let this fool use her anymore, especially since she found out he was doing more than smoking weed and drinking.  Mina said she and Ned went out to a restaurant one night and ran into some interesting people who were not only high, but they actually invited her and Ned to a “smoke out party”.  One of the guys pulled out a little bag of white powder that was definitely not baking soda and didn’t smell like something you’d sprinkle on a baby’s bottom either. To top it all off, Ned told her he’d meet her back at the apartment and left with his crew.  When he came back, he was stoned.  She said she knew something wasn’t right when Ned’s eyes stared that bag down like a hawk does its prey.  Mina said she found a letter hanging out of Ned’s pocket so she pulled it out and read it as Ned lay passed out on the couch.  In the letter Ned’s ex, whose name is Doretha, was telling him how sorry she was and apologizing to him because she knew he was disgusted with her.  She then went on to say she’d never had any positive test results for anything, other than precancerous cells in a pap smear.  She wrote that she looked all night on the internet for illnesses and diseases, but couldn’t find anything that matched or looked like her symptoms, which were some dry places in her inner thighs and a rash around her mouth.  She said she found out that she had hepatitis and Ned should get tested because they both did heroin together and she was going to get help, and get in a drug treatment program. She went on to write that she was calling the doctor for her results about the mouth and booty rashes.

“Now what does that sound like to you Syrah?” asked Mina.
“Sounds like old girl has diaper rash from wearing some tight drawz!” I said as Mina and I burst into laughter.

“Naw, seriously, sounds like she’s talking about being concerned she has an STD Mina,” I said.

“Well, that’s what I thought, but when I confronted Ned about it, first he accused me of violating his privacy by reading the letter which was hanging out of his pocket about to drop on the floor anyway.  If he wasn’t doped up, he would’ve known I had it.  He didn’t know until I told him that.  Girl, do you believe this fool?  Then he said this was about a personal, serious concern about her having cancer so I should stop snooping and letting the devil put things in my mind to mess with me,” Mina said.

“Now how can this be about cancer when she said in the letter plainly that she knows he is disgusted with her.  Now why would he be disgusted if the woman thought she had cancer?  Oh, and I forgot to tell you too, she said in that letter that she had not been with anyone else since Texas. Why would she tell him about something dealing with sex if it wasn’t about that?”

“Mina, Ned is a stupid, irresponsible, lazy, deadbeat dad, lying, leeching, pus filled serpent, going to hell with gasoline drawz on for the way he has treated you and for how ungrateful he is to you for the past few months you’ve stood by him when he quit his job as a firefighter and even when business deal after business deal failed.  You know when we talked the last time about the last business deal that went sour, I sensed Ned messed that up himself.  His mouth is awful and he doesn’t know how to talk to people.  He is such a know it all that he doesn’t know anything at all.  You know what I mean?  He could’ve just been a man about it, not insult your intelligence with that lame, devil got you snooping diversion.  So, he’s tries to put it off on you instead of having to man up when he got busted.  He deserves an award for the role he played, a standing ovation.  You tried girl, close the door and let him be on the other side when it slams.  He is not good enough for you anyway.  He’s a loser in the worst way and will continue to fail and be a loser as long as he is treating people the way he treated you and probably, what’s her name, Doretha too.  And another thing, the devil didn’t put anything in your mind, Mina.  That was God revealing and exposing Ned for who he really is, his lack of character too and God allowed you to see this for yourself,” I said.

“I know Syrah.  I know.  I’m done and I close that door.  It kind of hurt a little but I knew it was coming.  As a matter of fact, I was praying for something to change and since he didn’t, my change is moving on with my life without him.  To tell you the truth Syrah, I realized, I never loved him.  Plus, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  Funny, huh?” she said.

“No, that was just you guarding your heart from what you knew deep inside was not for you.  So now, the door is open for someone new, someone good, someone who gives and doesn’t take, someone who is honest, not a deadbeat and a liar.  Be glad you got out now because there are probably more women you didn’t even know about too.  He’s not a man.  He’s still a boy.  He’s still immature and doing stupid things, just like little boys do.  Let him go back to living with his grandmama and all her cats and beg her for food,” I said.

“Yeah, I know.  To tell you the truth, I haven’t fooled around with Ned for the past 6 months because I knew he was out there.  We broke up long time ago, just kind of letting it linger because I thought we were friends, but obviously not.  I went to my doctor just in case and I’m clear as far as any disease though.  So I’m happy about that.  Maybe that dumb heffa did have diaper rash!” Mina said as we laughed again.

Mina and I sat and talked and laughed.  She was a strong minded, good woman, reminded me of myself.  I have lived through that same story Mina had just told me so I knew exactly what she was going through.  Mina was going to be alright and I could tell her that and know for sure because I was alright too.  We even prayed and I asked God to send her the man that was just right for her.  Mina was such a sweet young woman, with a heart of gold, like me.  I wanted her to meet her “Terry” too.  And I felt like soon she would because she had closed the door on the wrong man and opened the door for the right one to come into her life.  She’d be coming back in no time to tell me what a wonderful, good, handsome, loving, kind, giving, employed, non drug using man she had met.  Soon, very soon.

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Episode 26: Bruised But Not Broken

•May 22, 2008 • 2 Comments

Someone was knocking at the door when I realized, I must have drifted off to sleep just that quick.

“Syrah, it’s just me, Mina from next door,” I heard a voice say.

I rubbed my eyes as I got up from my big comfy couch and let her in.

“What’s going on Mina?” I asked as I yawned and stretched on my way back to my warm spot on the couch.

“I need to talk. I guess I’m not feeling too good today, a little down about things. Girl, me and Ned are over, done, out of commission, through,” she said sadly as I looked up and noticed a somber look on her face.

“Aw, Mina, I’m sorry you’re feeling bad about that, but I promise, you’ll be okay. You know what? This too shall pass, trust me. It might not feel so good right now, but you’ll be alright. This is not the end of you. You’re bruised, but not broken. This is your opportunity to either lay down and die or learn from this, live on to the next level, a better place in your life and do things differently when the right man for you comes to you. The little bit of hurt and pain you feel is going to fade away soon, baby, sooner than you think,” I said, hoping to give her some comfort.

She nodded yes to agree as tears began to roll down her cheeks. I gave her a few tissues.

“Okay now Mina, after today, I don’t want you to keep crying over this. You know why? All this means is that you’re about to meet somebody that runs circles around Ned, with his leeching self. So he had to go! You deserve a man better than him anyway. Honey, you can do bad by yourself. Trust me I know. You did all you could do to help him girl, and you didn’t need to be supporting a grown man like that anyway,” I said.

“Yeah, I know Syrah. Do you know this broke joke got mad at me when I looked at him crazy after he asked me for $20? I admit I gave him the stupid look and went off because I was tired and I told him he needed to get off his behind and go find himself a real job, stop acting like he has a problem working for people, like he’s too good. At some point, it should have registered in his mind that in life you do what you have to do to get where you want to be. So if that means getting a job until you can get on your feet as an entrepreneur then you do that. He is so selfish girl. He wouldn’t even work for the sake of his kids. I mean could you just get a job because you know your kids need things like food, clothes, lunch money? Do it for them. I saw how self absorbed, self righteous and self centered he is. No one and nothing matters to him but himself. Pitiful. Do you know he told me he didn’t want to work? Yeah, well me neither but I don’t want to be hungry and homeless either so, I work! Sometimes, God wants you to be faithful to what belongs to another man before He gives you your own. Instead all Ned seemed to do was take from me, never giving back anything but criticism of course, criticized my cooking, criticized my hair, criticized my driving, criticized anything about me he could find. Not once did I talk down to him even though in my mind I was thinking he was a sorry excuse for a man, not to mention a deadbeat dad for not taking care of his kids. Those boys deserve a better father. I guess I felt kind of sorry for him too, really. It seemed like nothing would work out for him with the business. He got ripped off twice and lost out because he wasn’t doing things right, not communicating in the proper tone with people he was doing business with. He has this way of talking to people like they are the biggest idiots and people sense that arrogance and didn’t want to work with him. Too many business people we met just didn’t call him back, canceled meetings, or didn’t show up at all. That’s funny because when I went to meet with some of his potential clients, they showed up, talked and it was cool until he started talking to them. So it had to be him. Girl, he has a lot to learn or he will continue to have problems. But I know he’ll never get another dime or another $20 from me. Half of the time he was buying weed with it, like I didn’t know. A shame. You know, I believe God was trying to tell him something though, like you are out of order. Get a job first so I can teach you some things about business, communication, and respect,” she said as she vented about Ned.

“I hear that,” I replied.

I listed as Mina talked and I could tell she was just fine. I was glad that she was able to see Ned was not the man she needed in her life. How many times do we as women “help a brother out” and end up bruised and taken for granted? Way too many. But I can say, it has made us stronger, wiser, and better because we know how to forgive, heal, and move on to someone better, who is destined to come find that good thing within us. Mina was knocked down today, but I could see her getting up and dusting herself off at that very moment. She kept talking and I kept listening. What she told me happened between her and Ned that ultimately caused her to sever all ties with him was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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Episode 25: Can You Believe

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After I got home to shower and change, I sat down on the couch. I contemplated drinking a glass of wine I won in a drawing. It seemed like I was always winning something.

About 6 years ago, I won the car I was currently driving. I went to a Volkswagen car dealership searching for a used car I could afford and they were having a “Drive me” celebration and it was their grand opening too. I put my name in the drawing to win the car and actually joked with the car salesman that he didn’t need to try to talk me into buying anything because I was going to win that little white Volkswagen Jetta. To my surprise, as I was about to make a deal on a used Jetta, they made an announcement that they were going to reveal the winner of the car. It seemed like the whole dealership got quiet.

“Ladies and gentlemen, you must be present to win this spanking brand new Volkswagen. So without further ado… Drum roll please…and the winner is Syrah Sims! Come over to the ‘Drive Me’ tent and get your new ride! Syrah Sims, you have 10 minutes to come and claim your car.”

I screamed like I never heard myself scream before. I’m not the type to even react like that but, I felt like God was doing this for me because He knew I needed a car but, didn’t want a car payment. However, I couldn’t afford to buy one with cash at that time. I was jumping up and down. I grabbed the salesmen by the neck and forced him to rejoice with me. Then I kissed the man on the lips. As a matter of fact, he probably liked that, which explains why he kept calling me weeks after I had won the car.

Anyway, the point is, I won the car and had not bought one since and was not planning on buying one either. So I enter drawings and buy raffle tickets whenever someone asks me. And I always won! My wine was no different, won that too.

Instead, I decided to call Terry and tell him about Crazy Mareesa.

“Hey there! Are you busy?” I asked.

“What’s up? Naw I’m actually on my way back to the office. Everything ok?”

“Yeah, it’s cool. I just had to tell you about my interesting meeting today after my workout at the gym.” I said.

“Oh yeah, what happened?” Terry asked.

“Well, I was threatened by a woman today and she told me to keep my distance from her man that I was flirting with. Could you believe that?”

“Girl, who you been flirtin with besides me?” asked Terry in a joking way.
“That’s the point. It is you! Terry, I met your old acquaintance, Mareesa,” I revealed.

“What? You have got to be messing with me Syrah. Then again, that broad is a head case, I mean she real dingy and crazy!” he said “Well what did you do?”

I told Terry what happened and about the words exchanged between me and Ding Bat.

“Dang, I’m sorry about that Baby, but I let her go before I even asked you out,” he said “But you let me know if you ever she ever tries that again, and I’ll take care of it. I don’t like that drama stuff Syrah, and no woman is gonna be approaching my lady like that with some nonsense. I don’t want her.”

We talked for a few more minutes and Terry reassured me that this was something I should never had to deal with again. He thanked me for being me and not quick to assume Mareesa was telling the truth at any point.

“That’s one of the things I really like about you Syrah. You didn’t come at me all wrong about this and you didn’t accuse me of any wrongdoing. I appreciate that so much,” said Terry.

“I don’t know what to say Terry. That’s just who I am. I had a question in my mind about it for a few seconds but all I can say is I trust you and I will trust you until you give me a reason not,” I said.

“You won’t ever have a reason not to trust me Syrah because I won’t give you one. How about I swing by a little earlier than we planned and we can have a glass of that wine I know you’re sittin there thinking about opening without me,” said Terry.

How did he know that? I laughed and so did he.

“You got me on that one, but I’ll hold off, keep it chilled, and wait for you,” I said.

Terry and I hung up and I put the wine in the fridge to chill for a few hours. I turned the stereo on pulled out my laptop to start writing some. After about 3 minutes of looking at the blank, white screen, I set the laptop aside and just listened. The radio was playing a song by Robin Thicke called Can You Believe and I just closed my eyes and listened. I felt like I won another drawing. Yes, I can believe.

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Episode 24: Gettin’ In The Way

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I had a training appointment at LA Fitness with my trainer, Frederick so I headed for the gym.  Frederick was his real name, but Narika and I called him Fred the Fitness Nazi.  He loved to put us through what seemed like crazy, almost unbearable, about to pass out on the floor workouts that made sure we were drenched in sweat.  So much for trying to look cute when we went there.  Narika swore up and down she couldn’t stand him and she was going to stop training with him because he was crazy but she kept setting appointments.  He couldn’t be that crazy if she was still signing up every week.  But I sensed she was just finding herself digging The Fitness Nazi and she even admitted she would go out on a date with him if he asked.  I thought about maybe encouraging that and see what happened.  I got there right on time.

I felt great even though The Fitness Nazi pushed me way pass what I thought was my max.  He had me running around the gym, which I hated, and doing lunges until my legs felts like rubber bands. 

This man has got to be insane, I thought to myself. 

“Go ahead and give me 20 push-ups,” said Fred.

“You’re mighty quiet today Syrah.  Everything alright?” he asked.

“Oh, I’m good.  I just think it’s time for me to stop trying to fight the workout and let it work for me like it should.  You know?” I said “Plus, I know you appreciate my cooperation instead of whining and attempts to negotiate with the number of reps you tell me to do.”

“I like that.  That’s right.  Don’t fight the workout,” he said as he instructed me to run one more lap around the gym.  I gave him a mean look and cut my eyes but proceeded to get moving.  I managed to finish my “run of shame” around the gym and the workout without whining or complaining.  Fred even said he was proud of me for not whining like I usually did. 

It felt too good to whine and complain about the crazy workout sessions. 

I set up my next appointment with the Fitness Nazi and was out the door when I heard a voice say

“Excuse me, Syrah.”

I turned around and a woman with a worn out curly weave pony tail was standing there with her hand on her hip.  She was lighter skinned and probably in her mid 30s.  She had a sour look on her face and I had no clue who she was. 

“Yes, can I help you?” I asked.
“Yeah, you need to stop flirting with my man,” she said “You never know who’s watching you and I know it takes two, but you need to keep your distance.  I’m being nice now but, later on I will be a bitch about it.” 

“First of all, I don’t know you and who is your ‘man’?  Because if your so called man is flirting with me, he’s obviously not your man.  And another thing, if you want to be a bitch about whatever don’t wait until later, do you now,” I snapped.

“I’m Mareesa and I’m talking about Terry Taylor,” she said.

My mind was racing after she said that.  Was Terry a nominee for liar of the year?  Or was this heffa trying to get in my way?


It seemed like instantly I knew what this was about deep in my heart of hearts.


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Episode 23: Joy

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I was finishing up an article for my regular column in Essence Magazine and it was a snap for me.  I didn’t have to take any breaks and I was able to also submit a weekly article I was writing for the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  I had several writing assignments going on and those were just a few.  The day was going very well and it was almost time for lunch.  I thought about Terry and how I was glad he was there when Kevin got the bright idea to come over.  Terry took care of me and for the first time in a long time, I let someone do that.

I decided it was time for a well deserved break so I went into the kitchen to make me some hot green tea.  I had a session booked with my trainer so I went to change into my gym clothes while the tea brewed.

I turned on the radio and rummaged through my gym clothes until I found my shorts and a t-shirt.

A feeling of joy came all over me when Terry came across my mind again.  I smiled to myself as I thought about how good he smelled and the way he looked at me with those piercing brown eyes.  I could hear him say he loved me over and over again.  When Terry said he loved me, those words wiped out all the hateful, hurtful ones Kevin yelled out.

I put on my sneakers and headed back to the kitchen because the tea pot was singing.  I was singing too, making up my own words to the song on the radio.

My phone was ringing yet again and I answered as I sipped a little tea.


“Hey Baby, how’s everything going?  Writing today?” asked Terry.

“Hey you!  Everything’s good. I’m done with my first set of writing for the day so I’m happy about that,” I said “How’s it going with you?”

“I’m good too, just got a new account so I’m happy about that and just wanted to call you and tell you we gotta celebrate.  Syrah, this account is huge!  Sweetie, it is my biggest account ever!” he said.

“Wow, Terry, sounds like you’re having a fantastic day!  I’m happy for you honey,” I said.

“Thank you Baby!  Listen, you got a minute to talk?” he asked.

“Sure, what’s on your mind?” I asked him wondering what he wanted to talk about.

“I meant what I said Syrah.  I know you probably weren’t expecting me to say it.  Truth is, I never planned on saying it either but I did and I meant it.  I didn’t say that I loved you because I wanted to shut your ex up.  I said it because I do love you and I don’t ever want you to doubt that.” said Terry.

“Terry, I, I don’t know what to say,” I said.

“You don’t have to say anything Sweetie.  You’ll know what to say when the time comes and you’re ready,” he said.

“Terry, you just know how to make me smile.  I feel overjoyed and you’ve made me so happy,” I said.

“That’s what I want to keep doing, making you happy,” said Terry “Well, Baby, I have one last client to meet with for lunch.  So, why don’t I call you later and maybe we can meet up for a glass of wine or something if you’re not busy.”

“I would really like that,” I said “Call me later.”

“I will.  Talk to you later Sweetie,” said Terry.

We hung up and I sat on the bed, then laid back and looked up at the ceiling.

The radio was playing Blackstreet.  I hadn’t heard this song in a long time.  It was called Joy, exactly what I was feeling.  I closed my eyes and listened.  “Goodbye loneliness and so long to my heartache, now that joy has taken over, and decided to stay.”

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