Episode 13: Sweet Thing


Episode 13

“Okay so you have to tell me Terry. What’s the surprise? What are they going to play? I know it’s got to be something really nice, right?” I inquired.

“Oh, yeah! As a matter of fact they are. Uhm, they’re going to play ‘Sweet Thing’ by Chaka Khan,” he said.

“Oh cool, I love that song,” I said “You know that’s one of my cover songs I used to sing at Joseph’s on Courtland.”

“I know but, Baby guess what? You’re going to uhm sing with them,” he announced.

“I’m what?” My facial expression probably looked crazy by then.

All I heard after that was the sax player saying, “Welcome to the stage ladies and gentlemen, a lovely young lady with from what we hear, some of the smoothest vocals in Atlanta. Give it up for Syrah!”

People in the restaurant started clapping and looking around for this Syrah he announced was that was supposed to be coming to the stage. Terry looked at me like he knew there was a slight possibility he did not make the right decision in setting this up. He smiled nervously and I gave him the “wait until we’re alone look.”

“Terry, I know you didn’t. Oh, you owe me big for this,” I whispered as I got up, putting a smile on my previously confused/mad looking face.

So there I was heading to the stage to perform with some talented brothers who began playing the intro to ‘Sweet Thing’ as I made my way to the microphone.

I had no choice but to go into performance mode and start singing in the most sultry, sassy, and the sexiest, singing voice I could drum up, especially since I hadn’t rehearsed. “I will love you anyway, even if you cannot stay…” I sang with ease, as I stared out into the crowd of people in the restaurant. “I think you are the one for me. Here is where you ought to be…” I continued to sing as I walked over to Terry and grabbed his hand for a while. Then as I sang, I sat on his lap and sang to him a little. The crowd started cheering and Terry looked a little embarrassed, yet pleased with me for creating that scene. I had to get him back somehow.

I poured my heart and soul out into that song and felt each and every word as I released it in a voice, a sound even I had not heard in a long time. I sang notes I never sang before. There was definitely a difference about singing the song this time. I knew that difference was Terry. He brought out something in my voice that seemed to be locked up and confined but was now freed to flow out of me and into the atmosphere. Singing came to me naturally and it was so easy for me to do, even when I was caught off guard like that night. I had to admit it was fun and I hadn’t performed in a long time so I had a good time being on stage releasing love, happiness, sweetness, and joy out of my mouth.

People from the bar began to come see who was singing and surrounded the stage area. Even a few of the chefs came out of the kitchen and stood there enchanted and delighted by the sound of my voice. I playfully waved to the back and the chefs waved back, so I had some fun with that. I gave it all I had and it felt just fabulous.

When I finished the song, I took a bow and waved at everyone with appreciation for the opportunity Terry had provided for me. Terry got up and met me halfway as I walked back to our table. The band kept playing the music as I waved and blew kisses at everyone, mouthing thank yous to them too. When he got to me, I smiled and Terry gave me a hug like no other, a hug that said I belonged to him and he was proud of it. He even kissed me rather passionately in front of all those people. That was surprise #2. Everyone began cheering and applauding in the entire restaurant after that. Terry had a proud expression on his face and a look of amazement in his eyes. I could tell he was happy and so was I. It was clear that I was Terry’s ‘Sweet Thing’ and he was mine too.

Click Here –> Video: Sweet Thing – Rufus featuring Chaka Khan

Photo: http://www.flickr.com

 © 2008 by Satirah.  All rights reserved.

~ by satirah on March 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “Episode 13: Sweet Thing”

  1. I really like this. I like the way you express love. I am actually in class but I visualized the whole thing. Even the chefs in the back….. I like it

  2. Sounds intriguing…Maybe you’ll invite me out to hear that sultry songstress from the South? BTW, Congratulations on finding Love :0)

    Come check me out…www.media2live4.blogspot.com and please leave a comment

    I’m from Mingle City Site :0)

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