Barack Obama Speaks About Race In America


What do you think about Barack Obama’s speech addressing race?  Should he have disowned his pastor, Dr. Rev. Jeremiah Wright and broken all ties with his church? 

Click Here–> Watch Barack Obama’s Speech On Race in America


~ by satirah on March 19, 2008.

One Response to “Barack Obama Speaks About Race In America”

  1. In my opinion, Obama’s speech addressed the race issue extremely well. I don’t agree that he should have disowned his pastor or his church for the things his pastor said in less than 3 minutes of one sermon that Dr. Rev. Wright preached. If that’s the case, then Obama should disown his white grandmother. The media needs to stop. Don’t they know that Barack Obama is biracial, has a white mother, African father, and raised by his white mother along with white side of his family, his white grandparents. This is all the drama they can come up with on Obama and it’s still not working. So, they need to put their shoes back on and go find something else. Obama nailed them, spoke up about the issue like an honorable man should, and outsmarted his opponents again. This is the true character we need in a presidential candidate and that is evident in Barack Obama.

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