Episode 6: Body & Soul


Episode #6

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I was excited as I got dressed and headed out to the gym. I called my sister Rayna to tell her Terry was picking me up for date #2.

“So now what does he do again?” Rayna asked.

My sister Rayna was the official “man checker/private investigator”. Every guy I dated, she became a detective, got the scoop on him, did the Google search, got the background checks, and delivered the final report to me. This time, I didn’t want her to do that. Something about Terry told me I didn’t need the “Rayna Report” this time.

“He owns an IT company in Midtown Rayna,” I said.

“Doing what?” she asked.

“It’s an IT company. That’s all I know right now. I’m not sure exactly what he does on a daily basis, but I know it’s in that field.”

“Oh, well go ahead and give me the info and I can have your report by 5,” said Rayna.

“Ray, I don’t think I want a report on this one. He’s a good one and I’m going to find out from him all that information. I have a good feeling about Terry. He’s special,” I said.

“Hold on a minute. I got a beep,” I said looking at my Caller ID.

It was Narika. Dang, this chick doesn’t quit, I thought to myself. I let her call go to voicemail.

“Girl, that was Narika again. She called me earlier this morning trying to get dirty details from me about my date. I still don’t know how she knew I was with Terry last night. This chick must be working for the CIA. I sent her call to the voicemail. She’ll be alright,” I said to Rayna.

“Narika? She gets on my nerves. Nosy tail. I can’t see how you put up with her trifling behind,” said Rayna.

“But anyway, have a good time with Terry at the mall. Girl, make him buy you something too, shoot. And I’m not talking about an ice cream cone either,” she said.

We laughed and Rayna said she had to take her daughter, Nori to gym class so, I told her I’d talk to her later.

I started thinking about what I was going to wear to the mall with Terry. My three inch heels were not mall walking shoes so going into that collection was out of the question. I had some comfortable, cute flat sandals that would do. I’d be three inches shorter than I was last night though. I smiled to myself and found a good spot to park at LA Fitness. I stayed in the car for a few minutes just to listen to a song playing on 102.5, Body and Soul, by Anita Baker.

She was one of my favorite singers. I sang along with Anita’s sultry, alto sound…….”What have you done to me? I can’t eat. I cannot sleep and I’m not the same anymore…..”

Click here–> Video: Anita Baker – Body & Soul
Photo: www.washblade.com
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~ by satirah on March 15, 2008.

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