Episode 5: Cupid


Episode #5

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“Hello,” I said in the sexiest morning voice I could come up with.

“Hello and good morning beautiful,” Terry said “Sounds like you’re having a good morning.”

“Good morning to you. What a nice surprise Terry,” I said “Did you have a good night’s sleep?”

“Of course I did because I went to sleep with your beautiful smile on my mind,” he responded “and when I woke up I wanted to hear your voice so I decided to give you a call.”

“You’re just a sweetheart. Yeah, I’ve been thinking about you too,” I said.

“Really? Well how about we both stop thinking about each other and see each other by hanging out today. Do you have plans for today already?” he asked.

“Other than going to the gym in a little while, it looks like I have some time for you too,” I said.

“Now that’s what I wanted to hear,” said Terry “You just made me a happy man and I can’t wait to spend some more time with you. I had a nice time last night. Why did God make me so fortunate?”

We laughed a little and I could tell Terry was smiling, so was I.

“I did too Terry and you know I enjoyed your company. We had a good time, didn’t we?” I said “So what did you have in mind today?”

“I thought maybe we can go to the mall and you could help me out a little. I have a couple of meetings and events planned and I just want to pick up a few things,” said Terry.

“Looks like you might have it together in the fashion and style department. You have good taste. You looked handsome last night even though you somehow peeped into my closet and found out what I was wearing so you could match yours to it.”

Terry laughed and so did I.

“Girl, my mama bought me that outfit,” said Terry.

I immediately started laughing.

“Are you serious Terry?”

“Naw, I’m just joking. I want to get your opinion though,” he said.

“Okay, I don’t mind at all. We’ll hook you up.”

Neither one of us said a word last night about our black and white matching outfits last night, complete with my turquoise color splash. We did get a few compliments from people though. Our waitress thought we were just the cutest couple she had ever seen. One old couple came over to our table and said we looked good together. Then another older gentleman said to Terry jokingly that I looked like I belonged to Terry so he wasn’t going to ask me could he buy me a drink. It was funny. We both just smiled and agreed.

“You know I was going to say something about the outfits last night, but I couldn’t get past how beautiful and sexy you are. I don’t mind at all being dressed in the same colors as a woman as fine as you,” Terry said.

Is this man serious? That’s what I was thinking after he said that. Cupid must have given him a potent shot in the behind. He was so genuine with his compliments and I could tell he really meant what he said. Yeah, he’s serious and he’s absolutely right for that matter, I thought.

“You’re just too much Terry. Thank you for the sweet compliments. You’re pretty hot yourself you know,” I said.

“You deserve it and it’s very true,” said Terry “Plus, I like you. I wouldn’t tell you these things if I didn’t mean it either.”

It got a little quiet on the phone and after my 3 second speech paralysis, I finally responded to that comment.

“You know what? I like you too,” I said “You’re so sweet to me. I really like that. You just don’t stop do you Mr. Taylor?”

Terry laughed.

“So how about I pick you up at around 6, Sweetie?” he asked.

“Six sounds good to me. I’ll be ready,” I said.

Terry and I talked a little more and I gave him the address and directions to my apartment.

We hung up and all I could do was smile. Now I couldn’t wait until 6 o’clock. Who was this man? He said the right things. He actually wanted to spend more time with me. Cupid must have shot him with an arrow I thought to myself. I smiled, laid back down on the bed for a while, and thanked God!

Click here–> Video: 112 – Cupid
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~ by satirah on March 15, 2008.

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