Spitzer’s Wife Stood By Her Man. Would You?


Would you have stood by your man “literally” while he apologizes on national television for his use of high priced prostitutes?

Tell us what you think.


~ by satirah on March 14, 2008.

3 Responses to “Spitzer’s Wife Stood By Her Man. Would You?”

  1. Well from a man’s view point, this guy shouldn’t even have his dog stand beside him anymore. Nobody has the right to judge him, but he has placed himself in a position to be judged. I can’t even begin to imagine how his wife feels. Granted, we all make mistakes, but I don’t know if this is a forgivable mistake. The man obviously has some serious problems. Maybe he should visit this blog and get some advice!! I am sure he probably needs some support right about now…or maybe he sould contact those high priced “escorts” for some comforting!! LOL!!

  2. Hmm…let me see. Uhmmm….NO!
    I can’t lie. I would have a hard time going on stage with him. It would have been way too hard to keep from slapping him upside the head 86 times, one for each thousand he spent on getting some high priced tail. Really, I can hear and see fine from behind the curtain. After all of the humiliation endured in private, I wouldn’t put my face out like that in public. Some things you just don’t need to do. That’s just my opinion. Plus who knows what goes on in their house.

  3. She ‘Lobded’ him too much?!?!
    OK….There are several scenarios that come to mind when I ponder why this lady chose to “Stand by her man”……But not one of them are GOOD enough to convince me that she is truly justified in her actions. Photo looks like she had a few drinks or had a dose of percocet (anything to ease the pain/embarrassment). I bet she didn’t hear one thing that man was saying durning his confession/apology….just zoned out. Plus…..Dude is NOT a lil bit Cute …eyeww!

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