Episode 4: Ready or Not


Episode #4

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Thank God that date with Terry didn’t end with, “And then I woke up.” I know. I was a little in La La Land with Terry that night. It just seemed too good to be true. I mean nothing bad happened. I didn’t spill the wine. The food was delicious. He didn’t turn out to be a jerk at the end of the night, trying to push up on me, or try me period. I must say it was good for me.

I woke up with a smile on my face, with thoughts of the best date ever still fresh on my mind. I could still smell Terry’s Angel cologne though we had long parted hours ago. He certainly was wearing the right cologne. The entire night was angelic. As I scanned my mind for the plan of the day, my phone rang. It wasn’t Terry. It was nosy Narika, a friend of mine that I most certainly did not tell I had a date with Terry.

“Hello,” I said.

“Well good morning to you too,” said Narika.

“Yeah and what got you up so early,” I said.

“Oh I was calling to see how your lil date went since you can’t tell nobody you went to Cafe Circa with Terry Taylor,” she said.

How the heck did she know all my doggone business? She must be the nosiest heifer I ever met in my life, I thought.

“Seems like you already know, Monica Kaufman, I mean Pearson,” I replied.

“Well? What happened? Oh….is he there now. Ooo, girl you done broke all your rules. It’s alright though cause Terry is a good man. He fine too.”

“Wait a minute Narika. No, he is NOT up in here. And you can’t wait until after 8am to call people on a Saturday. Dang.”

“You still haven’t told me what happened.”

“Girl, I’m still in the bed. I’ll call you back later. You already know anyway. It’s all good though. Nothing can take the smile I’m wearing off my face. Call you later. Toodles,” I said while hanging up the phone.

Narika was the kind of friend you don’t tell anything you don’t want anybody else to know. As nosy as she is, she would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. She had a good heart and good intentions. But then afterwards, she’d go tell the neighborhood that she gave it to you. It seems like everyone has a friend or acquaintance like that. Just nosy!

I finally got up and turned on the radio to 102.5, the station for Grown Folks. They were playing a song I loved. Ready or Not by After 7 flooded the room and I sang along as I searched for something to wear to the gym. I heard my phone ringing so I reached over to grab it while looking at the caller ID. I turned the radio down some and heard that “Human Nature” ring tone. I smiled right before I cleared my throat to answer in the sweetest, sexiest voice possible. Of course, it was Terry. Ready or not.

Click here–> Video: After 7 – Ready or Not

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~ by satirah on March 14, 2008.

One Response to “Episode 4: Ready or Not”

  1. I must say, Tira…this [particular] blog is quite interesting!! I was glead to read that you have such a good time on your date [w/Terry]. Wait a minute…? I just looked [up] at the time stamp on the last ‘Terry’ entry you wrote and realized that this is [actually] happening right now — so to speak!! Cool!! I guess by now you can tell I’m new to this!!

    Well, I’ll keep checking in [from time to time] to read all the ‘installments’ in this ‘saga’!! In the meantime…have fun!!

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