Episode 3: Whenever, Wherever, Whatever


Episode #3

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It’s not easy for me to describe what I was going through emotionally that night. Terry was like the man I had been dreaming about for the past three years. I was in awe the entire time during our candlelight dinner. Of course Terry had no clue I was giggling inside like I was 16 years old. We talked about our siblings and our families. We shared stories of when we were kids. I told him about the time I got burned by a hot iron falling on my leg. He told me about the time he broke his arm because he climbed up a tree to pick apples. The branch he was on broke and he fell to the ground on his arm, breaking it.

“My left arm seems to be shorter than my right arm too. The doctor keeps saying it isn’t. But, I’m sure it is,” Terry said.

It got quiet and neither of us said anything. Then I couldn’t help myself anymore. I burst with laughter.

“Oh, so you’re laughing at my short arm, huh?” Terry asked.

“No, not like that. I mean, you can’t tell. I wouldn’t have known,” I said while laughing and wiping tears from my eyes.

“Now I didn’t laugh at your burnt up leg,” he said.

That made me laugh even harder. We both laughed until our stomachs hurt. Terry was balled over and I had the dinner napkin over my face wiping the tears from my eyes again.

The waitress came over and started laughing too. She didn’t even know what we were laughing at but, the laughter became contagious.

After our comic relief session, Terry and I finished dinner and I got dessert to go, chocolate cake.

Since the night was still young, Terry suggested we take his car and go for a stroll downtown to hang out, walk around Centennial Park and talk a little. So that’s what we did. As we walked down the street, I warned him I wasn’t sure how much time I had left before my feet turned back into small pumpkins.

“We can walk over there and sit down on that bench and talk,” Terry said as he pointed to an empty bench.

Thank God, I said in my mind. I was trying my best not to walk with a limp. Three inch platform heels are not walking shoes at all.

We sat down and Terry put his arm around me, hugging me. Yeah he can’t resist, I thought to myself. I smiled and pressed my head against his chest. I looked up at him and he was staring down at me smiling with those super white teeth.

“Syrah, I’m enjoying myself. Tonight has been the best night I’ve had in a long time,” Terry confessed.

“Well, I haven’t even been out on real date in who knows how long,” I said. You just had be Ms. Honest and spill the beans I thought to myself. Nice.

“I’m glad,” said Terry “Because if some other dude would have been taking you out, I might not have this opportunity and I might not be sitting here with you, such a beautiful woman with a smile I love to see. I wanted you to really enjoy yourself tonight, so are you?”

“Yeah, Terry of course I am. I’m having a wonderful time and this is the best night I’ve had a in long time too,” I said.

“So, after tonight, when can I see you again, Syrah?” he asked.

“Whenever, wherever, whatever…..Baabyyyy” I sang answering Terry in the Maxwell tune.

Terry looked at me a bit surprised yet delighted.

“You should really get in the studio and cut your demo,” he advised.

“Yeah I’m going to get back in there now that I have some inspiration,” I said looking up at him again.

He wasn’t expecting me to sing to him like that. I was expecting to do that either. It just came out of nowhere. He loved it too. Way to go girl, I thought to myself and smiled.

He smiled and kissed me on the forehead. I immediately felt a wave of heat go through me. How could this man have given me a hot flash? It happened though. We talked for about an hour before we both just got quiet and listened to the cars driving by and buses making their stops at the street corners. My head was on his shoulder and chest and he had his other arm around me too since I told him it was kind of cool out there. I decided to just close my eyes and relax in Terry’s arms where I felt safe, warm, and loved. I know this was just the first date but, this may be the night I fell in love with Terry Taylor. He treated me like I was beautiful, like I was wanted by him, like I was loved by him. With my eyes closed and Terry holding me, I felt like nothing else mattered. Nothing compared to the way I was feeling that night. It’s difficult to put into the right words to explain it. To tell you the truth, I had to secretly pinch myself to make sure everything happening to me that night was for real. I have had some vivid dreams in my lifetime. You know the kind of dreams where if you’re laughing in the dream, you wake up laughing. Yeah, that’s how real my dreams seem. So I decided to make sure.

For the first time in years, at that moment, I was secure, protected, cared for, spoken for. All of my life I wanted to know. I have heard numerous stories from girlfriends. I used to wonder what it felt like to truly and genuinely be loved. I believed with all my being that I was finally beginning to find out for myself.

Click Here–> Video: Whenever, Wherever, Wherever – Maxwell
Photo: www.myspace.com/maxwell
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~ by satirah on March 13, 2008.

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