Episode 1: Something Good


This is the first episode of my collection of short stories. It is my goal to post a new episode daily. Enjoy! Feel free to post comments/questions/ideas of what you think might and/or should happen next.


There have been times when I felt like there had to be a gray cloud following me bringing doom to my life and spearheading aggravating little pranks to defeat me. But today, there was finally a blue sky and the sun was shining so bright it looked like a painting from where I was standing. All I could do was sit in the car and smile. I almost wanted to cry, but this time tears of joy. Something good was happening to me and it felt warm. It felt so good like it was supposed to be this way.

I thought maybe Terry was interested in me but, I didn’t want to jump to the wrong conclusion and start planning the wedding. Besides, he could have just been being nice when he would compliment me on how good I looked. One day he even said he really liked my natural hair. I have to admit that felt nice for a change. Not many men go around saying how beautiful they think my natural hair is, especially not on a milk chocolate skinned sister like myself. So, yes it was like a strong breath of fresh air to hear that for a change. Usually, I get “Why did you decide to get your hair like that?” In my mind I’m thinking, “Dude, what do you mean? I was born with my hair like this. I didn’t decide and I love my hair just the way it is. If you don’t, then don’t talk to me!”

Terry was so different than other men I’ve met. He wasn’t interested in me having long straight hair, or a weave past my butt cheeks. He just kept saying all he wants from me is to see my beautiful smile. I always made sure I touch him on the shoulder or something when I ran into him and talked to him because I’m still wondering if he’s real. God please let him be real.

Sitting in the car for a while gave me a chance to savor that moment. After meeting Terry and getting to know him on a “whenever I see you” basis for the past 2 months, he made him move and asked me out. This required him to ask me for my phone number and we even exchanged email addresses because he said I should check out his business website. I gladly made the number exchange with him and he said he’d call me so we could talk later on that night to talk about where he wanted to take me to. I hope my facial expressions weren’t all wrong. If they were, who cares? After years of meeting Mr. Wrong, maybe just maybe I’ve gotten rid of that dark cloud. Somehow I had the feeling that now I would only feel like there were sunny skies out everyday. Could it be that I’ve been found by Mr. Right?

Photo: Jos van der Plas
© 2008 by Satirah. All rights reserved.

~ by sharemystaff on March 8, 2008.

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