Need Advice: I Have a Severe Case of Wisdom

My name is Satirah……pronounced (Suh-tie-rah). I decided to start this blog to provide answers to many of the questions people ask me on a daily basis. Do I have ALL the answers? Heck no, and no one does for that matter. I am not a psychic or a fortune teller. I am a Believer with a strong gift of wisdom that comes from God. I often have premonitions and prophetic dreams that have come true and scared the crap out of me from time to time. However, I do also have strong spiritual senses that allow me to help people in their situations. This advice/counsel/comments on the topic at hand is free of charge. I cannot guarantee that your life will be a bed of roses after getting my  two cents, however, I can tell you that you will see a difference and things will get better if you take authority over your situations. Feel free to post questions or any topics to ponder that you may have about relationships, family, careers, finances, or whatever has become an issue for you. We’re going to help each other here.  There are real answers, just ask.


~ by sharemystaff on March 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Need Advice: I Have a Severe Case of Wisdom”

  1. will me and my baby daddy get back together? nah seriously this is cool your stories are tight

  2. You and your baby daddy could get back together, if things get in order. Of course, he has to change some things, but you have to feel secure and trust in that change.

    He also has to buy you a 10 carat diamond ring, complete with a house on the hill. When he can do that then your lives together will be wonderful!

    Seriously though….girl I know you were playing because you know not to be asking me questions like that! Didn’t I tell you I’m not Miss Cleo?….Call me now…. (with the Jamaican accent…..haaaa! just joking) Uhm, do we need to have a sidebar conversation? Holla at your girl.

    Glad you’re liking my stories. I wonder if I can get that to happen to me for real! Hmmmmmm! I’m going to meditate and concentrate on that…bring it to life. 🙂

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